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Problem based on Grignard Reagent "Cram's-rule " for IIT JAM /CSIR- NET
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This lesson is based on Cram's-rule ( Felkin-Anh model )-( accd.this model the largest group is placed perpendicular to carbony and medium towards carbony Oxygen.the nucleophile attacks at 109degree to carbony group called Burgi-Dunitz angle . ) as well sterochemistry of Grignard Reagent.

Smrati dubey
Hello !!!! this is smrati .I am faculty of chemistry . i have 6 yrs experience in teaching . previously I was assistant professor of chemis

Unacademy user
sir please make more videos....thanks you for your efforts sir....
Ankur Sharma
2 years ago
Your welcome Vishesh, you will see my new videos soon :-)