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Why Does India Have A Parliament?
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This lesson explains the conceptual reasons as to why does India have a Parliament. It further explores how The Parliamentary is best suited for contemporary Indian conditions on an ideological basis.

Atish Mathur
A legal consultant, policy analyst, conscious educationalist. Love to make learners think rather than imparting volumes of information.

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Lord Pethick-Lawrence, Sir Stafford Cripps, and A. V. Alexander were the members of cabinet mission.
Kumar Madhukar
9 months ago
keep it up...
Dear sir i now u very well ..glad to see you here. :)
Excellent course sir. Great english, great content, great poise and grace. Thanks a lot. Please do make more such courses.
I have asking one question . A bill passed by both houses but returned by the president for reconsideration does not lapses
Could you please throw a light on major countries parliament system and how they are different from Indian Parliament system ?
  1. Why Parliamentary Democracy . Our Past . The Indian socio-economic indicators Extent of Democracy . Logistical constraints . Accountability and Transparency . Representative Democracy