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When LG is Cationic (in Hindi)
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Ravi Prakash
Passionate about chemistry learning and teaching! studying mechanical engineering from NIT ROURKELA Here to help you out. Feel free to ask!

Unacademy user
How do you think happiness can be integrated with our education system?? India is a developing country so it is obvious that still a long journey to perform better in happiness by improving socioeconomic parameters like education -- if ones base is strong than it could be assume that generally he/she will perform well in every sphere of his/her life which leads to get a good score in happiness index so 1) child parent relationship-- first of all more focus on at grassroot level at home parents could taught him/her basic principles of life which further assisted during schooling.. Good environment at home like good bondages between brother sister peaceful assistance in study 2) at school -- teacher student relationship -- should include moral education where respect to teachers and friendly bondages between them ,harmonious environment for education ,proper guidance of every quary ,any doubt by teachers ,activity based learning is good tool for quic learning our educational institutions should be incorporate in various academic course and counseling by experts to reduce the stress level of students and make them to become an alrounder personality
Deeps Leelar
3 years ago
Plz review