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What is Sentence Completion
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This lesson is going to teach you the importance on the verbal ability section of all competitive exams especially GRE, GATE etc. Please stay tuned to all upcoming lessons and learn more!

Rachel Shruthi
Graduated from ST. Francis Degree college in bachelor's English literature . I have about 8 months of experience in teaching. Currently pur

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thnk uhh so much sir
Why are talking about GRE in between ??? We have to prepare for GATE exam
Try to keep the introduction part small
  1. Importance of Sentence Completion

  2. In a test of language, sentence completion plays a very important role. GRE sentence completion has a significant role in the verbal section of the test. It is the sentences of GRE sentence completion part that test the ability of a student to logically connect the different parts of a sentence. It also tests the student's grammar kills and use of language

  3. A sentence is the basis of a language. It is the means of communicating ideas and thoughts effectively. Thus, GRE sentence completion questions are also basic to test the knowledge of the language of a student. Moreover, they test the reasoning abilities of a student to come to a conclusion. Hence, for an over all evaluation, the test for GRE sentence completion is very important.

  4. In the GRE sentence completion, a sentence is given with a few blanks that make it incomplete. This sentence is followed by options that contain the probable answers to the blanks. The answer option that makes the sentence most logical and grammatically correct is the best answer option Generally, there are more than one blank in the sentence. However, the number of blanks is not fixed. There are 9 questions in all on GRE sentence completion.

  5. The GRE sentence completion questions add to the GRE score to a great extent. If this section is simple and can be attempted easily, it can help in making a strong position on the over all performance and can rise the total GRE score. On the other hand, if this part of the test is taken casually, it can bring down the total score to the extent that it gets difficult to compete for a good college. That is why, the GRE sentence completion questions should be taken seriously

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