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What is History?
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This lesson emphasizes on what is history and how can we make it interesting.

Mukhesh Jyothula
Pursuing B-Tech Mechanical from NIT Trichy, Avid reader, Loves to write, Blogger, History buff, Nature lover.

Unacademy user
nice explanation Ma'am
I like your way of presentation
wow excellent teaching skill......thank you
Sir. Compile video on ancient medieval modern Indian history exclusively for upsc
Loved it! You are absolutely right by saying that history has been made boring in the manner it has been taught. Thank you for such a wonderful intorduction to history.
Mukhesh Jyothula
2 years ago
Thank you for the feedback. You can now start my second course Ancient civilizations to continue learning history.
Deepak Singh
2 years ago
Sure. Thanks again :)
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  1. EARLY HUMAN SOCIETIES- BY MUKHESH What is History? Lesson:01

  2. ABOUT ME . Currently pursuing B-TechMechanical from NIIT Trichy, Tamil Nadu Loves to read, write andlearn something new. .History Buff and a blogger. Nature Lover

  3. DOES HISTORY MEAN KINGS AND EMPIRES? adian Roman Empire Persian Empire Empire King shoka Devaraya Krishna Mauryan Empire Alexander Darius the the Great Great

  4. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 1947 AD 5000 BC 539 BC 3500 BC Mesopotamia Indus Valley Egypt DOES IT MEAN LEARNING DATES AND PLACES?

  5. SO WHAT IS HISTORY? First of all remove the You felt it wasboing History isn't blindly thought "History is boring" from your because you weren't taught properly. studying what has happened in the past. brain, if you have any.

  6. QUOTATION History only gives answers only to those who know how to ask questions. Halo Holborn

  7. WHAT IS HISTORY? . Any standard book would tell you History is the study of past. But by definition History is a Greek word which means "Inquiry", "Knowledge from the inquiry" . History is not merely reading what has happenedin the past. It is investigating or - History is a very vast subject. You can't complete reading History in your life time. It is something you should feel Don't take anything for granted because everything you see has a History. A good History student doesn't do that.

  8. SMALL OBSERVATION Observe your surroundings for 15 seconds Just Observe . What did you see?

  9. HISTORY .The pen you use, the clothes you wear, the paper you use, the book you read, the water you drink etc. What not! Everything has got rich past. - Wouldn't it be beautiful to know the past of all these? If not a meticulous research, don't you think at least a basic idea of our past is needed?

  10. 01 02 03 Think of any old monument. Imagine you were there while it was being built. Now you are observing Economic conditions, Prosperity, Climate etc. in that particular Empire. ONE MORE OBSERVATION