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What Is Elasticity And Its Conditions For Implementation (in Hindi)
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Raushan Sir
Author, Motivator And Best Faculty Of GS at Mukherjee Nagar in Delhi,With Teaching Experience Of 12 Years

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  1. LAW OF ELEASTICITY OF PRICE t is a economic hypothesis which explains that it is the responsiveness in percentage change of demand of a good or commodity with percentage change in its price. EpADDAD P/P % P Where, Ep Price elasticity of demand D- Original quantity demanded AD- Change in quantity demanded P Original Price change in Price This law was defined by Alfred Marshall in his book Principles of Economics published in 1890.

  2. CONDITIONS OF ELASTICITY 1 Availability of Substitute goods 2 Brand loyalty (attachment to a certain brand) 3 Necessity of a Good. 4 Percentage of Income 5 Who Pays