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War of Buxar-1(in hindi)
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Battle of baxur

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  1. The Battle Of Buxar 1764 1

  2. 1763) I

  3. The Battle Of Buxar 1764 Battle of Plassey was the first phase of company-rule in Bengal, its second phase proved to be Buxar's war. The results of Buxar's war proved to be more important than earlier war. In this war, the establishment of English power was fully completed. Causes and Significance of Battle of Buxar After the Battle of Plassev, Clive commissioned Mirzafar on the throne of Bengal. He was the nominal ruler. The real power went to Clive's hands. Mirzaffar was a weak and inept person. He fulfilled the promises made to the company. He also gave a lot of money to the company, but the demand for money from the company continued to increase, which he was unable to complete himself. Along with this, administrative arrangements also started to be destroyed. The rebellions started in places like Patna, Purnia, Midnapore, Dhaka etc., with the help of the British on these rebellions, but he could not be able to fulfill the growing demand of the company. According to an estimate, 1760 on Mirzafar Up to Rs. 25 lakh was outstanding to the company till E., at the same time, the nuisance of Dutch was also increased in Bengal. Shahjada Aligauhar also attacked Bengal in 1759 AD The situation was now getting out of control. As long as Clive provided support and

  4. protection to Mirzafar in India, but in the beginning of 1760 AD, Mirjafar was completely helpless after returning to Clive Will move at the place of Clive, respectively, and Vicenteat arrives in Bengal to governor. These people also started pressurizing the Nawab for the money. Mirzafar was helpless. Consequently, the British planned to take a conspiracy and remove them. He was accused of conspiring against the British along with the Dutch and Aligauhar. The British made a secret agreement with his son-in-law Mirakasim. He promised to give new facilities to the company and fulfill his money demand. On the night of October 14, 1760 Mirzafar was surrounded in the capital. He was forced to leave the throne. He was given a monthly pension of 15,000 rupees and he left Murshidabad and went to Calcutta. Now Mirakasim became the new Nawab. Mir Kasim's relation with the British - like Mirzafar, Mir Qasim was also a Nawab with treachery; But he was more qualified and efficient than Mirzafar. He also had administrative experience. He understood this fact that in order to improve the condition of Bengal, he had to free himself from the Chungan of the British. For this, the army and money were needed. He pressed the rebellious landlords, recovered the state money from the corrupt workers, imposed additional taxes, trained the army on European basis, and took away capital from Munger to avoid the intervention of the British. Security of Munger was arranged and gun there And the cannon making factory was opened. The struggle started- The company became apprehensive with these works of Mirakasim. The British wanted an inept and weak ruler on the throne of Bengal who could live as a puppet in their hands, but Mirakasim turned out exactly as his hope. Therefore, English Mirakasim To remove the plot, the conspiracy began to form. Mirakasim too was bored with its economic losses, neglect of its office bearers and the British's plunder of Bengal's people. He tried unsuccessfully to draw the attention of the British towards this side. In the end, he fed the native traders with the right to do free trade. Consequently, the British and Indian businessmen are now able to get a single foothold. However, this step of Mirakasim was completely justified; But by this the Britishers used to go through the opportunity to earn money by misusing 'knock'. Angry, the British planned to initiate military action. On May 25 1763, the company reached Ayat and O Munger and presented eleven-point demands before the Nawab, who had turned down the Nawab. Meanwhile, the British agent of Patna ordered the Calcutta Council to attack the city. Alice easily took possession of Patna. This incident is on June 24, 1763. When Mir Qasim discovered this incident, he attacked Patna and took over him. Many English people were killed in this war Patna massacre On the other hand, an army led by Major Adams increased towards Murshidabad. Mirakasim also ran from Munger. At many places in the way, the British defeated the Nawab's army in Jat-Katwa, Giria and Suti. The most important war happened with Udayana, in which Mirakasim was badly beaten. From there, he arrived in Patna with Munger. In the fury of defeat, he was arrested in Patna and killed 148 prisoners including

  5. Alice, who is known as 'Patna massacre'. Here the British removed Mirakasim in July 1763, again made Mirzafar a Nawab and continued to pursue Mirakasim. Munger and Patna left her hand because of the betrayal of Mirakasim officials. He had to leave his kingdom and take refuge in Awadh (December 1763) Battle of Buxar- Running from Patna, Mirakasim reached the Nawab of Oud Shujaydaula. The Mughal Emperor Shah Alam was also there at that time. Mirakasim demanded help from both of them. Mirakasim pressed the rebels of Bundelkhand. He also promised to spend military expenditure on Nawab Wazir. He got ready to cooperate with Mirakasim, fearing the combined power of the three, the British tried to join the Nawab of Awadh in his favor, but he failed in his efforts. Now the combined army of the three increased towards Bihar. The war took place near Buxar on 23 October 1764. Under the leadership of Major Hector Munro, the British fought bravely; the number of the included army was more; But he could not stand in front of a small English army. The Mughal emperor too did not show full interest in this war, consequently, the victory came only from the British. Mirakasim ran away from the battlefield. His situation became very miserable, while living a stroller, he died in 1777 AD near Delhi. The Mughal emperor compromised with the British. Nawab Shujauddaula opposed the British for a few days; But after being defeated in the battle of Kara (May, 1765) he also knelt before the British The result of the battle of Buxar the result of this war proved very important and lasting. The Battle of Buxar laid a stamp on Plassi's decisions. The war was completed by the war of establishment of British rule in Bengal. There was a nawab on Bengal's throne which was the puppet of the British. At the same time, the defeat of the Nawab of Awadh and the defeat of the Mughal Emperor distinguished the British as the best power of northern India. Now there is no power to challenge their power. According to the treaty of Allahabad (1765 AD), Shujauddaula gave Shahlam district of Allahabad and Kara and agreed to give 50 lakh rupees as compensation and also to pay the expenses of the English army. Shahallam handed over these districts to the civilian company of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, now he became a company servant. Thus, Nawab of Bengal and Awadh and Mughal emperor Shahlam became the subject of mercy of the British. While highlighting the significance of the war of Buxar, "finally, the company's rulership has been tied up on Bengal", Alfred Lail has written: "The long-term and secondary consequences of Buxar's war were very important. Due to the conquest of the British, the Mughal Emperor met the British, the Wazer became frightened and the company's armies reached the Ganges crossing Benaras and Allahabad. Because of this, he could establish a new, advanced and dominant relationship with the North Western states of Bengal, for which he was the first to establish. "Malison says so far," Vijay not only received Bengal, not only the English borders Allahabad, But because of this, the relinquishing dependency of the ruling power of Awad was tied with the stops of faith, which

  6. would be the friend of friends for the coming 94 years. Maintained an enemy of enemies. "It was a huge achievement of the company. In the words of historian Tarachand, Plassey transferred power; But in 1764 AD the battle of Buxar created the officers. The era of legal economic trade ended in the history of the company and the era of business began with political revenue under political power.