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Urban Local Govt - Part 2(in Hindi)
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This lesson explains Constitutionalisation of Urban Local Govt, 74th Amendment Act, it's features and how this Act got success in changing situation of Urban Local Govt.

Sandesh Sanke
UPSC aspirant,silver medalist in International Maths Olympiad, voracious reader, interested in polity

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  1. Urban Local Govt Part 2 PRESENTED BY SANDESH SANKE

  2. About Me aspirant in International . UPSC CSE . Silver medalist . Voracious . Interested in . Rate, Review Maths Olympiad reader Polity and Share

  3. 1. Local Finance Enquiry Committee 2. Taxation Enquiry Commission 3. Committee on the Training of Municipal Employees 4. Rural-Urban Relationship Committee 5. Committee of Ministers on Augmentation of Financial Resources of Urban Local Bodies 6. Committee on Service conditions of Municipal Employees 7. Committee on Budgetary Reform in Municipal Administration 8. Study Group on Constitution, Powers and Laws of Urban Local Bodies and Municipal Corporations 9. National Commission on Urbanisation

  4. Rajiv Gandhi Govt V P Singh Govt Narasimha Rao Govt

  5. 74th Amendment Act of 1992 The act has added Part IX-A in the Constitution. This act consists of provisions from Articles 243-P - 243-ZG. A new XII Schedule has been added in the Constitution. This consists of 18 functional items of the Municipalities.

  6. Silent Features Three Types of Municipalities 1. Nagar Panchayat for a 2. A Municipal Council for a 3. A Municipal Corporation for a transitional area smaller urban area. larger urban area

  7. Composition Members of a Municipality shall be elected The state legislature may provide the manner of It may also provide for the representation of Ward Committees directly by the people of the municipal area election of the Chairpersons of the Municipalities. some persons in a municipality . There shall be constituted a ward committee, consisting of one or more wards, within territorial area of a municipality having population of three lakh or more

  8. R servation of Seats .The act provides for the reservation of seats for . It also provides reservation for women in Duration of Municipalities SCs and STs in every municipality municipalities. A term of every municipality should be of five years However, the office can be dissolved before completion of it's term. Disqualifications . There are some conditions under which a person can be disqualified for being chosen as or for being a member of municipality.

  9. State Election Commission The superintendence, direction and control of the preparation of the electoral rolls and conduct of all the elections of all the Municipalities shall be vested in the state election commission. Powers and Functions - The state legislature can give municipalities some powers which are necessary to enable them to function as self- government institutions. Finances - Sources of money of municipalities. Finance Commission -The finance commission shall review the financial position of municipalities and make recommendation to the governor after every five years.