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Understanding the Floral Formula
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Learn how to read a floral formula.

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Ma'am what is the use of Excess 3 code?
Sweta Kumari
a year ago
Uses of Excess Code : Each codeword is equivalent to its decimal value plus 3 in binary. The codewords for 0–4 are complements of the codewords 5–9.
Aashish Kumar
a year ago
Ok ma'am. Thank you.
cruciferae/Brassicaceae family known as mustard family
sir what is the mother axis ?
It's the best lesson Sir. ....bina complete kiya maine lesson ko pause kr k comment kr rhi hu bcoz this is the 1st time when I literally understood the meaning of the symbols...thank u sooooooooooooo much Sir for being soo awsm. aab esmai koi prb nhi hoga😆😆
brassiceae family mustard

  2. Br stands for bracteates Kstands for calyx, Cfor corolla P for perianth A for androecium

  3. G for superior ovary G for inferior ovary, for actinomorphic Gfor Gynoecium for zygomorphic

  4. GIS Figure 5.20 Floral diagram with floral formula Image Credits: NCERT Textbook

  5. Floral Formula: % eKp) C1+2+(2) A(9)+1G1