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Calyx, Corolla and a lot more !
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Pranav Pundarik is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Pranav Pundarik
I teach exactly what you need🎯 Cleared NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER and JEE. Explore the courses, enjoy, understand and excel in Biology❤️

Unacademy user
*********************************...for you roman sir..
Sexy Yuvi
3 years ago
Stop abusing my dear roman.. you wrote bad words thats why they got hidden by the server. Just you too roman
Atul Thakur
3 years ago
Hehehe...budhu Dara diya....:-D
hey man i love all of your convenient shortcuts, they just help me to grasp concepts of botany which are not always easy to learn
sir ... perigynous half superior ovary or half inferior
Pranav Pundarik
a year ago
biich waala
Angel Ishu
a year ago
half inferior naa sir ....,
awesome viedooooo sir👌👌
sir calyx and corolla samajh nhi aya
Hey! Calyx refers to the sepals (green small structures around the flower) and corolla refers to the petals (coloured structures surrounding a flower)
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