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Understanding Sentence Completion -1
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This new Course will help you understand in detail about sentence conpletion. I've come up with a new set of criteria that should be met when dealing with sentence completion in the examination. Please watch in continuation for more such detaile. Good luck !

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  1. Understanding Sentence Completion - GATE

  2. If we have to understand and thoroughly grasp this exercise in verbal ability we should be following these particular steps: 1. Word Fitting Before You Look At The Answer-Choices, Think Of A Word That "Fits" The Sentence.

  3. Example: Crestfallen by having done poorly on the GRE, Susan began to question her abilities. Her self-confidence A. appeased B. destroyed C. placated D. elevated E. sustained

  4. If somebody is crestfallen (despairing) and has begun to question herself, then her self-confidence would be destroyed. Hence, the answer is (B) 2. Transitional Words Be alert to transitional words. Transitional words tell you what is coming up. They indicate that the author is now going to draw a contrast with something stated previously, or support something stated previously

  5. To contrast two things is to point out how they differ. In this type of sentence completion problem, we look for a word that has the opposite meaning (an antonym) of some key word or phrase in the sentence.

  6. Following are some of the most common contrast indicators: But Yet Despite Although However Nevertheless

  7. Although the warring parties had settled a number of to express optimism that the talks would be a success. A. rash B. ambivalent C. scornful D. overjoyed E. reticent

  8. Although" sets up a contrast between what has occurred--success on some issues--and what can be expected to occur--success for the whole talks Hence, the parties are reluctant to express optimism The common word "reluctant" is not offered as an answer-choice, but a synonym--reticent--is. The answer is (E).

  9. The next few steps and clear uunderstanding will continue in the next lesson in this course. Follow the course in order for better understanding and continuity Don't forget to RATE... RECOMMEND AND REVIEW!!

  10. THE END!!