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Trigonometry (in Hindi)
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Trignometric formulas and finding out values of sin, cos and tan for various angles

Nakul Bansal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Nakul Bansal
3rd year MBBS student at VMMC and Safdarjung hospital, New delhi (AIR 84- NEET) (AIR-165 AIIMS)

Unacademy user
As always an amazing video. Thank you bro! Have a great day:-D
plz make a video on trigonometric graph tooo plz...
Nakul Bansal
8 months ago
Yes, surely
bhaiya apka ye course basic physics ka aiims k liye sufficient h na means ab kuchh or ni n pdhna pdega basics k liye
Nakul Bansal
9 months ago
sir sec(90-theta)= -cosec theta hai??
Natasha Romanoff
7 months ago
Nope..its cosec theta
Sir Cos (2a) ke formulae samaj nahi aaye plz samjha dijiye plz.
  1. Sin ve ton P= -ve

  2. Cos (-9)- (ose tone)tone COS

  3. i-tan 2