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Graphs-1 (in Hindi)
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Graphical questions regarding straight line graphs, intercept, parabolas are covered.

Nakul Bansal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Nakul Bansal
3rd year MBBS student at VMMC and Safdarjung hospital, New delhi (AIR 84- NEET) (AIR-165 AIIMS)

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👍👍👍👍🙏🙏jai hind ✊✊✊
equation 5 samajh mein nahii aaya
sir...the negative value in y=-mx+c tells about which negative value ??the negative value of slope or the negative value of x...if it tells about negative m then can graphs having -y and -c can be drawn?
Nakul Bansal
5 months ago
Baccha that is negative value of slope, Matlab neeche ko slope aayegi Baccha ismein x + ve bhi ho sakta or -ve bhi. Y will change accordingly. Iss equation main c positive hai
Hey sir..will the graph of K.E. same as the graph of y^2= kx??
Nakul Bansal
5 months ago
It is about what you choose as y and what as x. If you choose x as K.E. and y as v it will be same
Natasha Romanoff
5 months ago
Natasha Romanoff
5 months ago
thanks sir
very helpful for me..thank you so much
I mean graphs of -y and *-x?
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