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Tricks to solve questions related to New & Original Price and Total Expenditure
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This unit is in continuation with the previous one. Here, Dhiraj makes you much more familiar with the problem-solving skills pertaining to profit and loss. He himself solves some more problems and explains easiest ways of solving it.​ The solution will help you in learning the approach in solving questions related to finding out New & Original Price, Total Expenditure and many more.

Dhiraj Singh Chauhan
Income-tax Inspector, Cleared Assistant Commandant(SSB), From Saharanpur

Unacademy user
awesome lesson sir
Prakash Ingle
2 years ago
Thanku Miss Educator 👍
Bittuu J
2 years ago
welcome sir
please sir help in solving this sum: a man brought two scooters for 18000rps by selling gain of 10% and other at loss 12% selling price are same for both find cp
Pranav Arora
3 years ago
C.P of first scooter= 8181.81Rs C.P of second scooter = 10,227Rs
Amit Agrawal
2 years ago
a+b+a×b÷100 ye wala formula tabhi use aayega jab p% and l% equal honge means yadi 30
Amit Agrawal
2 years ago
means yadi 30% profit and 30
Amit Agrawal
2 years ago
yadi 30% profit and 30%loss ho tab ye formula lag jaayega ar loss 9% aa jaayega but yadi p%30 and l% 35 diya hua h to usual method se karna padega.....
a year ago
and sp must be same or cp along with p% n loss%
Formula given at last was wrong. Even though it gave right result. Consider this 2 chair sold at 500 each. One at 20% profit and another at 12% loss. Result would be 20/13 % overall profit. But by this formula 8 - 2.4 = 5.6% therefore this is wrong formula. Please clarify.
Bhiwadi Tutor
3 years ago
you r right...formula will work only for cases where cp are same not sp....
Ritu Raj
3 years ago
Yes.. last formuale is incorrect..
Mayank Verma
2 years ago
I was also wondering the same thing. In ths question my answer is 8.33%. While sir's is 4%.
Hi Dhiraj, i have question here could you help ,e with that one? i have received multiple ans for this( i followed you method wich is mentioned on 12th problem) Q)Two items are sold at the same price. The seller gains 75% from the 1st item while he makes 30% loss on the other. Find the overall profit/loss. what iam getting ans as 22.5, some of my friend getting ans as no profit and no loss. Thanks in Advance!!
Vishal Rana
3 years ago
yeah it will be no profit no loss.
The answer which you have taken out is when both the profit and loss % is same that strategy you have used.... Please use the method a+b+a*b/100 taking a or b as profit or loss put plus sign for profit nd minus for loss you will get the answer as 52.5 % profit
Amit Agrawal
2 years ago
no profit no loss...
Please change the slide for Q 10 (ii) as you are explaining the answer for it in solution of 10 (i) slide only. It may lead to confusion
sir 10 question second part samj nhi aya, can you explain this trick again?
  1. Solve wide range of Questions from Profit& Loss Presented by Dhiraj Sing Chauhan

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  3. Question10 "(i)When the price of sugar decreases by 20% , A woman can buy 5 kg more sugar in 100 rupees. Find New and original price of sugar. "(ii) When price of sugar increases by 20%, A woman can buy 5 kg less sugar in 100 rupees. Find original price of sugar

  4. 100 Oo 20 = 25-5 New Price

  5. Question11 Price of milk has increased by 20%. By what % should a family reduce its consumption of milk so that total expenditur (i) remains same "(ii) increases by 10%

  6. Pnce5 6 Exbenditure 30 : 30 penditure 30:30 Change m Q.TY 2 3

  7. Il Price56 Q.TY 65 f 0.5 uYL 30 30+ 3

  8. Question12 If selling price of tw other at 20 % loss then find overall profit/loss in the whole process If selling price of two articles are same and one is sold at 20% profit and

  9. Formula - a+b+ aX* 20X-20 Loss % = +20-2-+ are: