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Torque on Electric Dipole (in Hindi)
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Torque on electric dipole

Sachin upadhyay is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sachin upadhyay
🌟star educator| bachha party ka SSP😊|YouTube channel ~ sachin sir physics ( 293k family)| physics addictive ❤ || physics is my life 😊♥️

Unacademy user
sir bahut sahi explain karte ho aap...please keep doine irrespecive of likes and shares
Aman Sharma
a year ago
thank you .... and i really don't care about them 👍
For torque 2 in uniform electric field why r=-a is taken negative
Unnati Agrawal
10 months ago
The distance between two charges is 2a if u take their mid point as origin then one is in positive y direction and other is in negative y direction
Unnati Agrawal
10 months ago
So in torque 1 ,r=a and in torque 2 ,r=-a
Sir only aapki sound sunai deti h aap marking nahi karte kya last wali first viedo me thi bas
Sir upna to u tube par PEcos Bola that
Ruchita Gurav
a year ago
yeh potential energy ka formula he
Thank u very much sir
Sir 1st like 1st time
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