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Numerical on Coulomb's Law, Electric Field (in Hindi)
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Numerical on coulombs law

Sachin upadhyay is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sachin upadhyay
🌟star educator| bachha party ka SSP😊|YouTube channel ~ sachin sir physics ( 250k family)| physics addictive ❤ || physics is my life 😊♥️

Unacademy user
sir please provide the list of books to be studied
Rahul Shakya
a year ago
There are many books that people prefer for public administration but as per my suggestion I would say that try to keep the things as simple as possible!! Here is the book list I would prefer :- 1.Laxmikant public administration (for basics) 2.Prasad and Prasad (for thinkers) 3.New horizons of public administration by Mohit Bhattacharya (Bible/Geeta/Quraan/… of public administration) 4.Indian public administration-Institutions and issues by Ramesh arora and rajni goyal (for Indian administration) 5.IGNOU Booklets 6.2nd ARC recommendations Along with some more books for specific topics but believe me pub ad is not a rocket science,the all you need to do is to cover the basics,if you accomplish this task rest of the things would be cake walk for you Now let me explain the strategy to cover this subject for UPSC 1.Read administrative thinkers from Prasad and Prasad - This is the most boring and most important part of pub ad.Learn the important concepts given by thinkers from soul and heart, there is no way out you need to do this, please, please, please do it 2.After covering thinkers you would be able to link the theories of thinkers with respect to the particular topic say decision making,motivation etc 3.Now you are at the position when you start imposing the thoughts of thinkers in Indian administration.suppose there is a question with respect to decreasing role of district collector in current situation then you start corelating the decision making theory of Herbert Simon and you understand that due to programmed decision the role of collector decreasing 4.All you need to interlink paper 1 and paper 2 and try to remember the quotes on each issue and try to remember the quotes given by thinkers!! Rest of things are more dynamic and interesting!!
Rahul Shakya
a year ago
sorry shiva sir for this message here I am unable to delete it :(
acc to me it should be 4qk/a^2
sir 4 smjh nhi aara
falling faliing falling falling falling in love with.... physics😂 thankyuu you sir thankyu so muvh
thanks sir ❤️ glad to have a teacher like you in my life, you have made me fall in love with physics!
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