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Time Response Analysis Part 10 (in Hindi)
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Mcqs on time response analysis is discussed in detail.

Ravendra yadav
Am an engineer by profession, YouTube Channel: Electrical classes by Ravendra Teacher by passion. ☺️ any doubt? don't worry

Unacademy user
where can i get the initial modules?
Anupam Mishra
8 months ago
Hey Shivam, on my profile's course home page you should be able to find all my courses including this one. It has almost the same name. Or else you can also go via the following link.
Shivam Singhal
8 months ago
thank you sir!!
Speed of response is the speed at which the response takes the final value and this is determined by damping factor which reduces the oscillations and peak overshoot as the peak is less then the speed of response will be more.
Ravendra yadav
2 months ago
ques 34 ans is C above explaination is given
Ravendra yadav
2 months ago
  1. Final Practice Session for IES 2019 Topic: Time Response Analysis By Ravendra Yadav

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