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Time Distance and Speed
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This lesson covers the basic concepts of time Distance and Speed, which is also part 1 of my lesson

Kunal swarnkar
Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer.

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  1. WELCOME TO UNACADEMY Time Speed and Distance part By kunal swarnkar

  2. About me o Kunal swarnkar . Bachelor's of engineering e/ Mechanical engineering Rate, review and recommend o Follow me on -

  3. Time Speed and Distance Speed = Distance/Time Q. A Train runs at the rate of 45km/hr. What is its speed in m/s? 360 18 36 18

  4. To convert kmph to m/s To convert m/s to kmph 5 18 1 8 mls

  5. Q. If A goes from Delhi to Noida at a speed of 30km/hr and comes back at a speed of 70km/hr. Then what is his average speed during the entire journey? .nlh [otal distan ce ad speed 30 o

  6. Q. A bird flying 400km the 1st 100km at the rate of 100km/hr, 2nd at the rate of 200km/hr, 3rd at the rate of 300km/hr and 4th at the rate of 400km/hr. Find the avg speed of the bird? Q. I have to be certain place at a certain time and find that I shall be 15 min too late, if I walk at 4kmph; and 10 min too early if I walk at 6kmph. How far do I have to walk? 4kmph 15min lake 25 60 24 6o 2443 6o

  7. Thank-you