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Time and Distance - Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Data Interpretation: Chapter based DI: Time and Distance: Concept and Application: Q. No. 1-2

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Amar Sir
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sir 4th question m (a) option ni a sakta kyaa ::::: some and no
thanks sir plz continue this di series to till end
Thank you sir...????
  1. A RENOWNED FACULTY OF OBJECTIVE MATH PERSONAL INTERVIEW/GD GENERAL STUDIES, INDIAN HISTORY An experience of 24 yrs of teaching at Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Bokaro [Jharkhand] & SambalpurlOdisha] Thousands of successful students in Bank/SSC/Railway/Civil Services Amar Sir The slogan is: "Math Dikhta Hai

  2. IBPS PO MAIN DATA INTERPRETATION Time and Distance Amar Sir

  3. IBPS PO MAIN DATA INTERPRETATION Time and Distance Amar Sir

  4. /h,whihl tim. Total dintance travelled hy 5 traveling n name on holK lhe days,1Ken find Ihe tokal dintance traveled ky traimA on Tuussay 400 diffuunttrann on Monday 500 uoS 30024 ! train D on Monday 100 /80 28s 3.d. Theapead ! he slowent train what % o hepesd of fastest train on Monday Dhtance taveled (in k) Covrenponding time toxe 3 2 Time taxeniu hotum

  5. Monday and Tundou, 75 Km/h, uhi. Iki timu \ 10 tavelling n ame on bolk Iha days, Ihen find Ihe total dintance travelled by traimA on Tusday 400 Total din tance t avelled by 5 diffeunt trainn on Monday 10 oS 2.6: Whad i INE Yatio npad train Btoapead | tram D on Monday 1200 23S 31S 100 180 3a: The speed of INE nlouent trainin what % IHRApeed of fastest tran on Monday 2 Dntance traveled (vt Km) Correnponding time taxe 41 3 3 2.S 280 K Time taxen(in howm)

  6. travelling n Name on bolk iha days, Ihen find 500 lhe tokal dintamee t avelled by train A onTuesday) 4001 Total din tance t avelled by 5 jh, whil Ikwudiffeunt trains on Monday 040 4oS traim D on Monday 31S 100 /80 2s 3.6: The Speed INE slowest trainin what % of INEAP end of fantest t ain on Monday ? Dntancetravelld (ii km) Corren ponding time taxes 1 0 u.S 3 2.S EloS B CD E Time tokenlin herom)*

  7. Monday and Tuanday Km/h, whis Ihi ti travelang in hame one6oIKINEdays,INen find | 500 W20K (0280 Km(d)250 kmenonedmae Total din tance travelled hy 5 diffeunt trainn on Monday (a) 2 90 K 40S |300|2uS tram, D on Monday 3IS a: The spend enh slowest train 100 /80 23s o he ped of fastest train on Monday ? what % Dntance travellid (i k) Corren ponding time taxen u.S 3.S 2.S Time taxenlin howm)

  8. n B in dacreared by Total dintance travelled by 5 25% on Tuesday and et train A wc ean ky : 10 20% on Tuenday, lhenapead train B c 500 diffent train on Monday 3001 24S 200 100 28S IS 5. : If din tance traveled by train D increased by , I % on Tuesday, whih , 180 Hme O lnen find i Dntance traveled (it k) Covrenponding time toxe ^peed tram D on Tun day 2 2.5 3 Time taxen(in houm)

  9. n Tuunday and of train A mcreaxes bydiffnt trains on Monday 20% on Tuesday, hen/peed train B o on u day 2leproximat) 5 0 Il dintance travelled by train Dn | 5001 uOS 3001 24s 200 100 235 IS /80 increased 6y 1 % on Tuesday, lo hil-HE-Hme | 1 Ken find i -, D n tar ce traveled(akm) ^peed train D on Tun dan . 4.S 2.5 Time taxen(in howm)

  10. Total dintance travelled by 5 25% on Tuesday and et train A mcYeaneo ky : 10 20% on Tuesday, lhen/peed train B c 500 diffeunt trains on Monday 10 3001 245 200 285 IS 5. I4 dintance traveled by train Din mCY eased by , I on Tuesday, whih , he time o travelling frainD Tunday vs hm 100 180 Dntance travelled (ii Km) Correnponding time tane usv1 3 2.5 Time taxen(iu houm