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Theory of Causation, Dualistic Realism, Trigunatmak
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Theory of Causation, Dualistic Realism, Prakriti, Trigunatmak

Vani Ravija
Voice Actor | Ranked globally in top 10% on Fiverr in English Diction

Unacademy user
How much effort you are putting to making such awesome lessons it has been seen in your explanation
RUTUJA Bothara
9 months ago
Thank you🙂
mam philosophy optional ke liye kn sa book pdhu?? for paper 1 and 2
Vani Ravija
4 months ago
Notes se padh lijiye pehle, jab aapke basics cover ho jaayein, to koi bhi standard book se vo topics padh sakte jo syllabus mein h.
mam notes could a bit better
Vani Ravija
4 months ago
Sure :)
maam I got confuse in samyawastha ND pralayawastha... can u plz clear my doubts?
Vani Ravija
10 months ago
Initial, no pro-creation stage is samyawastha.
Vani Ravija
10 months ago
Pralaya one is the later part. Wherein conjugation leads to disturbance in prakriti causing procreation
very good lectures mam
  1. SAMKHYA Purusha pratruti Mahad A hamkar Rajas Tamas Satva

  2. About Me Vani Ravija Civil +Software Er. CAT/GATE/NMAT Kathak & Jazz Dancer Traveler Rate, Review, Recommend & Share

  3. SYLLABUS Prakriti Purus Causation Liberation

  4. Concepts to Cover Theory of Causation Dualistic Realism Prakriti Trigunatmak

  5. Theory of Causation Cause Effect YES SATKARYAVADA NO ASATKARYAVADA Parinamavada Milk Curd Vivartavada Rope Snake Arambhvada New Beginning

  6. Dualistic Realism Samkhya No. / Perfect Knowledge DR: Prakriti+Puruso PR: Many Purusas Atheist Satkaryavada Parinamavada Parinamavada: Complete transformation of cause into effect

  7. Prakriti Prakriti Worldly Things Parinamavada logically One Ultimate Absolute Independent Root Cause Uncaused Cause Eternal Everactive - Unintelligent

  8. Trigunatmak -Atoms/Consciousness x Cause Unity of 3 Gunas Parts/Attributes Pr: One Partless / Indivisible Types: Sattva: Goodness Inseparable Pleasure/ Contentment/ Bliss Rajas: Motion Stimulating Pain Restlessness - Tamas: Darkness Ignorance / Confusion/ Negativity / Lethargy Passivity

  9. Trigunatmak -conflict Yetc operate Prakriti Equilibrium Samyawastha x creation Pralayawastha Creation Pr Disturbed Conjugation Gunashob -Hetero ACreation Vishamawastha 1st MAHATTotal 23 Evolutes

  10. Happy Learning THANK