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The Story of Village Palampur (in Hindi)
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The story of village palampur

Geeta Sonkar
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good concept in confusion section
  1. The story of village palampur

  2. Introduction Palampur is an imaginary village It is well connected with neighbouring villages and town We will learn about different types of production activities in the village

  3. Organisation of production Land . Labour Physical capital Human capital * These are also known as the factors of production

  4. Physical capital Physical capital The variety of input required at every stage during production . There are 2 types of physical capital Fixed capital Working capital

  5. Land is fixed Farming is the main production activity in palampur 75 % are farmers * since 1960 in palampur the land under cultivation have not increased

  6. Ways by which one can grow more from the same land Multiple cropping . Green revolution has also introduced some methods to increase production like using HYV seeds and modern farming methods Punjab and haryana are the first to try this

  7. Will the land sustain? Land is a natural resource Environmental resources like soil fertility and groundwater are built up over many years Modern farming methods have overused the natural resource base

  8. How is land distributed between the farmers of palampur? . Dalits have no land Many families have small land Few peoples are have land of about 10 hectares or more Land is not distributed equally in palampur

  9. Who will provide the labour ? eLandless families becomes labour Small farmers along with their families cultivate their own fields * The minimum wages for a farm labour set by the government is rs 115 (2011) per day * High competition is there for work so people agree to work for lower wage

  10. The capital needed in farming Most farmers borrow money from moneylenders or large farmers but the rate of interest is very high Medium and large farmers have their own saving from farming

  11. Non farming activities in palampur Dairy and other common activities Small scale manufacturing Shops Transport