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The French Revolution - Lesson 1
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The lesson speaks about the Introduction of the French Revolution, and the events leading to the outbreak of the French Revolution.. It also helps us to know the situation of the Civilians during the Old Regime.

Sameena Siraj
A BA Grad, Pursuing MBA; with a year's experience as a tutor in English & Social Studies. I'm a patient person with good negotiation skills.

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thanks mam to clearly teach the lesson...
try to speak with a greater pace. nicely explained!
hello mam, my name is aniket and i read in class IX , (cbse).i never got interest in history and the uneven word which are present in it. but when i started watching your videos of history i started gaining interest in history and are the best teacher i have ever seen.. thank you mam for helping me all of childrens.. god bless you..........
The society of estates was part of the Feudal system. The Old Regime was the term used to describe the society and institutions of France before 1789 since time immemorial. Please explain what the Feudal system and Old Regime is, to me. I couldn't understand it.
  1. THE FRENCH REVOLUTION Part 1 By, Sameena

  2. UNITED NETHERLANDS KINGDOM Dunkerque GERMANY Channel ille BELGIUM PARISNancy .Nantes .ori ans Stra LUXEMBOURG Cherbourg Rouen Nncy. / rest Ori ans Strasbourg AUSTRIA ,Nantes Dijon SWITZERLAND Limoges Lyon Bay of Biscay Grenoble. ITALY Bordeaux Valence Toulousee rseille Nice MONACO Toulon Perpignan Corsica SPAIN Mediterranean Sea ANDORRA 0 100 200 km 100 200 mi

  3. An Introduction e Liberty, Equality and Fraternity were the watch words of French revolution. lution led to the end of Monarchy in France. e The Declaration of the Rights of Man paved way for new developments in France. The idea that all individuals had rights and equality must prevail emerged to be the central idea of the beginning of a new age.

  4. About the Revolution.. e 14th July, 1789 was a remarkable day for the people in Paris. e Nearly, 7000 men and women gathered near the town Hall and formed a peoples' militia r of government buildings in search of arms. * A group of people attacked the fortress-prison, The BASTILLE, where they hoped to find ammunition The fortress was demolished and its stone fragments were sold in the market.

  5. Contd... There ware huge number of riots taking place for several days both in Paris and the countryside. Protests were made against the HIGH price of bread.

  6. Events leading to the Revolution.... e Economic exploitation of the French finances by King Louis XVI and his Austrian wife Marie Antoinette. Taxes were increased to maintain the regular expenses like maintaining an army, the court, government universities etc. e Society in the 18th century was divided into THREE estates and only the third estate paid taxes

  7. A society of estates 1st Estate CLERGY 2nd Estate Nobility 3rd Estate 'Big Businessmen, merchants, lawyers etc. .Small peasants, landless labour. Servant:s Peasants and artisans

  8. Contd. The society of estates was a part of the feudal system, The Old Regime was the term used to describe the society and institutions of France before 1789 * The society of Estates in France was biased. The 1st and the 2nd Estate enjoyed the privileges and the 3d estate were exploited. The 3rd estate was overburdened with the payment of taxes while the 1st two estates were exempted.

  9. The Struggle to survive.. The population of France rose to 5 million from 1715 to 1789. Subsequently, demand for food grains increased but the supply was not sufficient. The staple food of the French was bread whose price increased drastically. * The wages of the labourers weren't enough to buy food Any drought or hail worsened the matter. There were subsistence crisis situations arising during the Old Regime that were quite frequent.