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The Advent of Europeans - Part-1 for Tnpsc Group 1, 2, 2a (in Tamil)
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The Advent of Europeans - Part-1 for tnpsc group - 1,2,2a... Portuguese, Dutch, English, Danish, French... Lectures in Tamil, Notes in English... CRASH TNPSC

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Kalairaj K
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In question no. 5 , plz tell why it is not called as project assignment?
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  2. Group I Advent of European invasiorn Group - II Advent of European invasion

  3. HISTORY Part-1 The Advent of Europeans SEAL OF THE EAST IDIA COMPANr Portuguese Dutch EnglishDanish French

  4. Portuguese

  5. he Advent of Europeans Portuguese Vasco da Gama reached Calicut May 17, 1498(As per TNPSC Text) May 20, 1948(NCERT & INTERNET), It was ruled by a king named Zamorin. In 1502, he established a factory at Cochin Zamorirn Vasco da Gama

  6. Francisco Almeida Alfonso d' AlbuquerqueWilliam Bentinck . The first Governor of Portuguese in India was Francisco . He was followed by Alfonso d' Albuquerque in 1510 from the Almeida.He followed the blue water policy. Bijapur ruler, He also abolished Sati.Precursor of William Bentinck.

  7. OMENIONS RABIAN BAY 0 P BE N G AL E A YS 1530 * Nino-da-Cunha transferred the Portuguese capital in India from Cochin to Goa in 1530 and acquired Diu (in 1535) and Daman (in 1559) . Portuguese lost Hooghly in 1631 during the reign of Shahajhan.

  8. BOMBAY AND SIND Charles II . In 1661, the Portuguese king gave Bombay to Charles II of England as dowry, for marrying his sister. Charles II transferred it to the East India Company in 1668 for an insignificant annualrent of 10 Pounds

  9. A NC AUSPICIO ET SENA SEAL OF THE FAST INDIA COMEANY * Gradually, their Indian territories were taken away from them by various sources. The Dutch played an important role to oust them


  11. Masulipatnam Dutch Dutch had been undertaking a series of voyages since 1596. United East India Company was formed in 1602. * They set-up their first factory at Masulipatnam in 1605. Their other factories were at Pulicat, Chinsura, Patna, Balasore, Nagapattanam, Cochin, Surat, Karaikal, Kasimbazaar.

  12. English

  13. Captain William Hawkins . Jahangir's court . Captain William Hawkins stayed in Jahangir's court frm 1609- 1611. But he failed to get the king's permission to erevt a factory at Surat. Captain Middleton succeeded in this effort in 1611.

  14. St, George Fort * The Company got the lease of Madras in 1639 and built Fort St, George in Madras, which acted as its headquarter on the Coromandal coast.

  15. Danish

  16. Danish Danish The Danish East India Company was formed in 1616. . They established settlements at Serampur (Bengal) and Tranquebar (Tamil Nadu). Serampur Tranquebar

  17. They established settlements at Serampur (Bengal) and Tranquebar (Tamil Nadu).

  18. French

  19. Louis XIV French The Frech East India Company was set in 1664, at the instance of a minister, Colbert, in the reign of Louis XIV

  20. Thev established their first factorv at Surat in 1668 and at Masulipatnam in 1669 * The foundation of Pondicherry was laid in 1673 which, afterwards, became it capital. They also developed a factory in Chandernagar.

  21. HISTORY Part - 2 British Conflict with other Powers Three Carnatic Wars First Carnatic War Second Carndtic ar Thi

  22. HISTORY Part - 3 Anglo Maratha Wars Second First

  23. HISTORY Part - 4 Anglo Mysore Wars . Anglo-R1(1767-64s Third Anglo-Mysore War 1789-1792 Anglo-Mysore W799) I (1767-69 I (1780-84 i (NIZAM'S NIZAM's TERRITORIES NIZAM's TERRITORIES TERRITORIES Hyderabad THEBODY OF TIPPU SULTAN WAS FOUND HERE Madras Mangalore MYSORE MYSORE NYSORE TRAVA British domingin Mysore state TRA TRA CD Hysore (3790