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/th/ and /th(e)/ Sounds (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, we will practice the consonant sounds /th/ and /th(e)/.

Neetu Sugandh
Author of "A Letter of Motivation," "Twibeing" & “How I Learnt to Speak in English?” Founder of YouTube channel: Happy Tua

Unacademy user
Sir are these reactions worth studying for NEET?
It is very difficult to understand, listen, and differentiate (th) sound as you had pronounced, even though I had tried with 0.5 X speed and listened it for several times. Visited online Cambridge and free dictionary but found they say THA as in Hindi eg Thesis, Thought. Could you please help?.
Neetu Sugandh
2 years ago
Hi Sachin, your confusion is very common. In case you find it difficult here, I suggest watching English movies and TV shows and observing the /th/ sound pronounced by native speakers. Let me know if that helps.
Varun Sabarwal
2 years ago
it's really difficult to pronounce (th) sound. l had tried it a lot but can't able to pronounce it.
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