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/ch/ and /j/ Sounds (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, we will practice the consonant sounds /ch/ and /j/.

Neetu Sugandh
Author of "A Letter of Motivation," "Twibeing" & “How I Learnt to Speak in English?” Founder of YouTube channel: Happy Tua

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  1. unacademy How I learnt to Speak in English? By Neetu Sugandh isugandhneeu@m i.con Followme Follow me on: Author of the Book: How I Learnt to Speak in English? Book available on Consonant Sounds Lesson 10 -/ch/ and /i/

  2. unacademy Objectives - Pronounce the /ch/ and consonant sounds Practice using sound drills

  3. unacademy How To Pronounce? Unvoiced Ip/ (pet) /k/ (Kate) /t/ (time) /t/ (fest) /s/ (sit) /th/ (throw) /sh/ (pressure) Voiced /b/ (bet) /g/ (gate) /d/ (dime) /v/ (vest) /z/ (zit) /th(el/(though) /zh/ (treasure il (jet) I (late) /m/ (mat) /n/ (nose) /ch/ Unvoiced CHECK /j/ - Voiced JACK ch/ (chat) /h/ (hate) ng/ (ring) /r/ (rest) /w/ (water) y/ (yes)

  4. unacademy Sound Drills - /ch/, li/ /ch /ch/ /ch//ch/ /ch/ /ch//ch /ch/ /ch/ /ch /ch/ /ch/ /ch /ch/ CHAT Unvoiced JET - Voiced /ch/ CHAT /i/ JET

  5. unacademy /ch/in Different Places ch/ at the beginning /ch/ in the middle/ch/ at the end chin cheap choice chest kitchen pitcher achieve exchange much touch snatch fetch

  6. unacademy Activity CTIVI Can you find me in more words? /ch/ sound

  7. unacademy /i/ in Different Places /i/ at the beginning jug jolly jump jam in the middle a the end injury fragile magic banjo i/ | /j/ in the middle /j/ at the end marriage stage age message

  8. unacademy Activity CTIVI Can you find me in more words? /j/ sound

  9. unacademy Comparison /ch/ chill choice chain Jill Joyce Jane A wrong sound can change the meaning of a word.

  10. unacademy Practice Activity Practice the following words: . arrange Manchester . reaching .Belgium chill . range strange . cage check