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UPSC CSE 2017 MAINS, SSC CGL 2012 selected , UPSC EPFO Interview 2017(IN THE FINAL RESERVE LIST ),RAS 2017 mains,SSC CPO 2015 selected, B.

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  1. 471.6k 4-9 Amit SAINI Educator since August 2017 UPSC CSE 2017 MAINS, SSc CGL 2012 selected, UPSC EPFO Interview 20170N THE FINAL RESERVE LIST)RAS 2017 mains,SSC CPO 2015 selected, B Overview of the Course 00:01 2:27 Edit Review 16.2k 1 Followers Following Courses 48 Follow Share Write your review here Plus courses (Hindi) Stone Age to Sultanate Part II Plus AMIT SAINI Enroll 109 Complete Course on Ethics & Integrity: Detailed GS Done Paper IV Amit SAINI Apply by Oct 31 49(10 ratings) Write a review 75,400 All lessons All lessons All courses (48) o1 Overview of the Course in Hind) 2m 26 ENGLISH Crash Course A beginners Guide for Ethics and Integrity UPSC 2019 5.0 (10 ratings) 5 lessons 1 hours of learning Save 114

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  3. he stan Times INDIA INDEPENDENT: BRITISH THE STAR 3 NEW STAR RISES IN THE CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY THEY HEARD IN SILENCE TAKES OVER MOUNTBATTENS APPOINTMENT AS Hindu assassin fires at prayer meetingCOLOTRDENEN Riots in Bombay after naCOLOURPULCEREMONY MARKS BIRTH OP NATION WANTED ANDHI, India's apostle of non- ed in New The assassin, a Hindu from Poona named Nathuram Vinayak Gode, fired at close Delhi today As FreelndialsBorn walked teo ! MCO. AOLF ITERF CHIEF IN LSmecing in the erounh e Birl Hoauine Schicklegnbs MODERN HISTORY HIS RECKLESS CRIMINAL IS WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE

  4. Ancient History

  5. 7 14.0067 Nitrogen

  6. Environment& Ecology


  8. Choose correct 1. After French defeat in first Carnatic war siege of arcot by french forced british to leave southern indian region and to remain limited to Bengal 2. Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle ended the war between british and French after third Carnatic wars. 3. the reason of defeat of French was that French company was a private enterprise and british company remain dependent on british govt. (A)1& 2 (B) 3 only (C) 2 & 3 (D) none

  9. Choose correct 1. After French defeat in first Carnatic war siege of arcot by french forced british to leave southern indian region and to remain limited to Bengal 2. Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle ended the war between british and French after third Carnatic wars. 3. the reason of defeat of French was that French company was a private enterprise and british company remain dependent on british govt. (A)1& 2 (B)3 only (C) 2 & 3 (D)None

  10. To illustrate the wars betw, the English and Frenclh in the Carnatic 16 7% Since 1693, Madurai nominally had been the feudatory of the emperor of Delhi, and since 1698 the Carnatic region north of the Coleroon (Kollidam) river had been under direct Muslim rule. The local representative of the Mughal was the Nawab of Arcot, Dost Ali Khan and an intermediate authority was held by the Nizam of Hyderabad, who was in theory both a subordinate of the emperor, and the superior of the Nawab a. arert adras Naatytri Thame EWRE ortst Darid akies English Miles

  11. First Carnatic War (1744-48) In 1740, Europe was entangled into the War of Austrian Succession. The belligerents on one side were Prussia, Spain, France; Sweden etc. while on other side were Habsburg monarchy, England, Dutch Republic and Russia. Since France and Russia were on opposite side, a contest was inevitable between French and British East India Company forces in India also.

  12. During the negotiations about fate of Madras, Clive along with some other slipped out of prison and they moved to Fort St. David (the British post at Cuddalore). Further forces of British arrived and saved Cuddalore from French. The negotiations about the fate of Madras started but these negotiations took. In 1748, the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle ended the war in Europe and this also restored the peace between France and England. With this treaty, Madras was restored to the English for some territories (Louisburg) in North America.

  13. Thus, a tripartite understanding between French, Muzaffar Zang and Chanda Sahib developed. On the other hand, British pledged support to Nasir Zang for Hyderabad and Muhammad Ali for Arcot. Initially, a group led by French killed Nawab Anwaruddin of Arcot and his son Mohammad Ali fled to Trichinopoly. The French led army attacked Nasir Zang also and killed him. Thus, it appeared that both British prot g s were defeated and Dupleix dream was about to come true.

  14. Implications of Second Carnatic War In this war, both France and England were at peace in Europe. Thus, this was an unofficial war between the two companies. After the war, both the countries denounced the policies of their companies in India. Dupleix was recalled to France and was replaced by Godehu. Godehu, signed a treaty of Pondicherry in 1755 and by this both countries agreed to notto interfere in quarrels of Indian princes. This treaty gave British a stronghold in Carnatic The French were able to keep stronghold in Hyderabad for some time but their prestige had gone down heavily.

  15. Third Carnatic War 1757-63 . The conflict between the France and England got renewed in 1756 in Europe, in the form of Seven Years War, which is coterminous with the Third Carnatic War. The Third Carnatic war was a local version of the Seven Years war in Europe. The Third Carnatic War put an end to the French ambitions to create a colonial empire in India. The British Forces were able to capture the French Settlements at Chandranagar in 1757. The French forces in south were led by Comte De Lally. The British forces under Sir Eyre Coote, defeated the French in the Battle of Wandiwash in 1760 and besieged Pondicherry.

  16. After Wandiwash, the French capital of Pondicherry fell to the British in 1761. When the Seven Years war ended with the war concluded with the signing of the 1763 Treaty of Paris. As per parts of this treaty, the Chandranagar and Pondicherry was returned to France. The French were now allowed to have trading posts in India but forbade French traders from administering them. The Government of France also agreed to support British client governments. This was the last nail in the coffin of the French ambitions of an Indian Empire. British were now the dominant power in India

  17. DELHI Chandernagor. Chandernagor ALCUTT RITIS INDIA BOMBAY anaon Yanaon L'Inde fran aise 1741-1754 Pondich ry Karikal Limites des territoires fran ais Mah Pondich ry Mah K rik l Limites des Territoires alli s ou sous forte influence fran aise French India 1815-1954

  18. Causes for Failure of France and Success of British Following are some of the main causes which were responsible for the failure of theFrench and the success of the British in India: Commercial Superiority and Better Financial Position The trade carried on by the English Company was far greater than the French Company. Between 1736 to 1756, the trade of British Company was four times than that of French company. The financial position of French further deteriorated with the third Carnatic war and by the close of this war, it was not able to pay even its troops.

  19. Naval Supremacy of the East India Company The British had naval supremacy and due to that they were able to send help whenever required. This naval supremacy helped them to cut link between French possessions in India and France.

  20. English Company was backed by English Government The British East India Company though private in character, was backed by the British Government. Some directors of the East India Company were Members of Parliament who could exercise influence in Government.

  21. Better men Service of English The British Company was headed by Clive who was a soldier as well as a statesman. Though Dupleix was also a statesman but he was not a soldier. There was a better cooperation and coordination in British East India Company

  22. Superior Settlements of British British had their settlements in Calcutta, Bombay and Madras. The most important French settlement was in Pondicherry. Thus, British were at advantageous position. Further, French's entry point in mainland India was Deccan. In comparison to Deccan, the Bengal was much more prosperous

  23. Recall of Dupleix Recall of Dupleix by French Government was a blunder. The vacuum created was not filled by the persons who succeeded him.

  24. French subordinated their Commercial Interest to Territorial Ambitions The French Company subordinated their Commercial interests to their territorial ambitions. This worsened the financial position of the company.