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Tangents (in Hindi)
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Pawan Rao
Founder and an academic of math faculty at mothers education hub

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  1. Lergth of both the tangent dan fom a point outside the circle is equal. PA P8 8 2 The angle blo Radius tangent is a Right angle triangle 2. Angle formed bl tangent and chord is eual to the angle formed on alterade s 8 8 9o-e

  2. 2 (Ti-i) 02 jaishance w.cerbers. (902) (02)2+oc)2 common tongent 02 01 2 Tranverse common tangent

  3. In a given figune.Tq and TP are tangenths on biggeu cirue ith cerme are tangents on smauer Cutle wHh0. then find the satio of TS: TR2 In a figwre, cD is a dibecttanqent uwhich touch a C and 3 to the circle The Sum of angle ct A and 8 by the line co i (A) 120 8) 5:4 (C) 360 D) None of these S) 8: 0 Sol STT Spin Alternate sesmon angle] TO TR Ratio 1:1 CAltetnaie segment angle 2B 180-(xy)

  4. Here Ao 5 cm and Po.13 cm, then Find the length (in cm) of CD 5 P and RS cemmon tangents to toocircles ntorsectg at A and 8. A8.when podced both Sides, meet the tungents Ps and RS 041a 6(n, then Pa wlll be. 3 (c) 40 cm 12. 5 PA2-52-32 CQ8 5 2 3

  5. Three circle c,s& and c3 with adil mr2 and 3 whoxe (i<Ti<T3) axe placed as shown in the given What ithe relue of C2. 2. (1)