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Synonyms - Part 1
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Synonyms 1

Sonal Singh
Final year B.Tech student | Photography | Passion for Teaching | Love for Adventure

Unacademy user
Very well put forward and explained in mcq format. thanku maam. very important for ssc cgl aspirants. must watch course. pls upload more courses on one word substitution and error correction which are also important for English Section of the xam.
Very Clearly and Neatly Explained. Much Needed Lesson. Although information is not net but no one prepared this course from exam point of view. Thank you so much Ma'am.
thank u ma'am because i am so weak in english ..through i hope i can imporve my english communication so good....
plagiarism of indiabix
Sonal Singh
2 years ago
Some Questions might be similar. And also indiabix doesn't provide you with the meanings of all the words, Sir.
Himanshu pathak
2 years ago
Ha ha no matter where you take the one word from it will match from some books or websites.. i appreciate the effort :)
Chiranjeev kumar
2 years ago
of course bro ,it is enormous effort by sonal mam and i apologize for that
Kashif kothmire
2 years ago
Becasue of your videos I m know That .what acotully i m studying :)
excellent course mam.... please provide more words from previous years paper in same format...

  2. Synonyms CORPULENT . A. Lean B. Gaunt . C. Emaciated . D. Obese Answer: Option D Meaning: Fat (Adjective)

  3. Synonyms BRIEF A. Limited . B. Small .C. Little . D. Short Answer: Option D Meaning: of short duration; not lasting for long. (Adjective)

  4. Synonyms VENT . A. Opening A. Opening . B. Stodge . C. Enod D. Past tense of go Answer: Option A Meaning: an opening that allows air, gas, or liquid to pass out of or into a confined space. (Noun)

  5. Synonyms AUGUST A. Common B. Ridiculous . C. Dignified . D. Petty Answer: Option C Meaning: respected and impressive (Adjective)

  6. Synonyms CANNY A. Obstinate B. Handsome .C. Clever . D. Stout Answer: Option C Meaning: having or showing shrewdness and good judgment, especially in money or business matters (Adjective)

  7. Synonyms ALERT A. Energetic B. Observant . C. Intelligent . D. Watchful Answer: Option D Meaning: the state of being watchful for possible danger. (Noun)

  8. Synonyms WARRIOR . A. Soldier .B. Sailor .C. Pirate .D. Spy Answer: Option A

  9. Synonyms ADVERSITY A. Failure . B. Helplessness . C. Misfortune . D. Crisis S1S Answer: Option C Meaning: Adversity is a very difficult or unfavorable situation.

  10. Synonyms INDICT . A. Condemn B. Reprimand Accuse . D. Allege Answer: Option C Meanings: formally accuse of a crime (Law); accuse, charge, criticize