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Synonyms List for Words with Alphabet A
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This lesson covers all the major synonyms starting from alphabet A.

Reema Behl
Language lover, editor-in-chief at Follow me for lessons in English language. All your questions will be answered! :-)

Unacademy user
54)--k option mein 26 ans nhi hi
thanks mam ,it really really worth .please upload videos on competitive grammar... (my 1st assignment) 1.I fells ALACRITY in dancing 2. Manohar parriker is going to ABDICATE from his position of Defence Misister 3 .Sometimes i feel complete ABYSMAL that i could not learn english properly. 4. Ria father ADMONISH her for there mistakes. 5.I am not good in keeping secrets (ALLUSION) 6. how do you have such an ARCANE knowledge of English.
Reema Behl
a year ago
Hey Vishal, here are the corrections for your sentences: 1.I danced with great alacrity. 2. Manohar Parriker is going to ABDICATE from his position of Defence Minister. - The sense in which you have used it is right; but the word was primarily used for aristocrats. 3 .Sometimes i feel completely ABYSMAL about the fact that i could not learn English properly. 4. Ria's father ADMONISHed her for her mistakes. 5.I am not good in keeping secrets (ALLUSION) - ?? Use it in a sentence! 6. The teacher has an arcane way of teaching English.
Mohin Shaikh
a year ago
nice mam
Mohin Shaikh
a year ago
nice mam
Chandan kumar
7 months ago
Reema mam..ur style to describe words is very different.... Thanks a lot
I really adore what you guys are doing here on unacademy, the education revolution is awesome. But i must show my dissidence to the image shown in "Abhor". Nazi symbol or not, its a Swastika, which is a greatly revered symbol in indian culture and its even more important when all world has forgotten about its true origin and meaning and treat it with contempt, we, the people of india respect it and highlight the positive side of the symbol. I am no religious fanatic, i would only request you in all humbleness to change the thumbnail of the video at the very least. it would be in great spirit. :)
Reema Behl
3 years ago
Will see if this can be changed.
Dinesh Singh
3 years ago
Vikram R
2 months ago
she is a feminist. so hindu bashing is expected.
Ma'am i think delusion is used in abstract sense while illusion in physical sense like - I was living in delusion for a long time that my friends will never cheat me. I got a illusion of seeing my best friend in my city.
Tanu Mudgal
3 years ago
Ma'am plz correct me if m taking them in not so appropriate sense.
Thank you mam this video is really helpful.facing issue in Grammer part plz upload videos regarding it.
You've a wonderful voice! Thank you so much.
Reema Behl
3 years ago
Thank you!
3 years ago
u r admirable mam.......................

  2. ABDICATE Meaning: to step down from a position of power Synonym(s): Abandon, Renounce

  3. ABHOR Meaning: to hate very much Synonym(s): Detest

  4. ABYSMAL Meaning: extremely hopeless or wretched Synonym(s): Bottomless, boundless

  5. ADMONISH Meaning: To scold gently; to caution; to warn Synonym(s): Berate, Counsel

  6. ALACRITY Meaning: Cheerful eagerness or readiness t respond Synonym(s): Alertness, Avidity, Willingness

  7. ALLUSION Meaning: An indirect reference; a hint Synonym(s): Connotation

  8. owton AMBIVALENT Meaning: Undecided; Neutral Synonym(s): Equivocal, Inconclusive perpleniy prrpleaily vecilletio Ractuation mirnnonguetysefdbvided

  9. ANACHRONISM Meaning: Something out of place in time or history Synonym(s): Incongruity

  10. APPOSITE Meaning: suitable; well-adapted, relevant Synonym(s): pertinent, germane

  11. AUDACITY Meaning: Boldness; reckless daring Synonym(s): Impertinence