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Syllogism Concept (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, Vatsala has discussed concept of syllogism.

Vatsala Shrivastava
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  1. Syllogism Syllogism Concept

  2. Syllogisms often appears as a part of Logical Reasoning or Verbal Reasoning Syllogism is a deductive argument having two premises(statements) and one or more conclusions. Premises Previous statement from which another is inferred or follows as a conclusion.

  3. Syllogism Question? The question contains two premises statements and the answer is to find the correct conclusion. The statements and conclusions may often seem to be illogical. But we MUST assume the statements to be true. For example, All apples are toys" is a statement which looks weird but must be taken to be true, if given as a statement/premise.

  4. Syllogism Solution Syllogism problems can be easily solved by Venn Diagrams. While doing so, try to correlate the explanations with what you see in the diagrams.