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Structure and Physiography, Northern and North Eastern Mountains (in Hindi)
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This lesson contains the following topics - Types of plate movements, geological divisions, Details of North and Northeastern mountains along with the relevant maps.

Arpita Prakash
Started NCERTs series at Unacademy BA and MA in History, B.Ed Cleared CTET- holds CBSE 0.1% Merit Certificate PASSIONATE about teaching !

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happy teachers day sir
Puneet Sehgal
5 months ago
thanx alot.....
Granite - Interior Igneous Rocks Prayags - Dev prayag - Alakannda + Bhagirathi Rudraprayag - Alakannda + Mandakini Visnu prayag - Alakannda + Dhauli ganga Keshav prayag - Alakannda + Saraswati Nanda prayag - Alakannda + Nandakini
something happen outside the earth core (force of energy frm sun,heating)are Exogenic force and whn something happn inside earth core(like tectonic movement) are Endogenic force....n heartly thnku so much mam 4ur hardwork 4 us...:).. keep it up ..n connect with us
Monika Suthar
2 years ago
*heartily :)
Exogenic processes are those driven by exogenic forces that primarily derive their energy from solar radiation. For instance, soil erosion is caused by the force of wind acting on bare ground. ... Endogenic processes are those that get their energy from endogenic forces originating deep within the Earth.
greater , inner Himalayas or himadri himachal or lesser himalaya shiwalik
thank you so much mam..for all summary..its vey helpfull for me and also for all problem comes into the geography book of NCERT..and again thank you soooooooo muchhhhhhh by harted
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