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Sthaniy svasasan (nagar palika)
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Sthaniy svasasan ya (nagar palika)

Hema Bai jogi
Completed B.A&B.ED from rajasthan university Cleared REET 2018, RAJASTHAN POLICE 2TIMES. ASPIRANTS OF RAS MAINS 2018. Lerner and passionate

Unacademy user
ma'am can u explain again with a example about innovator...thanks a lot in advance 😊😊☺
10 months ago
actually i am confused in difference between innovator and retreatists
Akshay malik
7 months ago
there are 2 things means( way to achieve) and goal( what to achieve)...innovator are those who want to achieve certain goal but don't follow the path prescribed by the society for ex- qualifying an exam requires hard work and dedication but innovator here are those who used deviant method to passed the exam.. retreatist- they refused both goal and means( prescribed way by society) for ex- qualifying exam- a retreatist will deny to study( following the way(means)) as well as did not come to give exam( goal to pass) .