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SSC CHSL :General Awareness preparation strategy - Episode 2 by Chetan mna
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Chetan Mna
Working at Indian Railways ...... Don't give up. As you work to achieve your most ambitious goals, push yourself to keep moving forward

Unacademy user
Varna-system in HARAPPA ????? omg ..... you are totally insane . He raped the whole history of Harappa .
Agam jain
3 years ago
I never said that buddy.
Sir, 6:22 _ 6:45 ....... you are justifying Varna system-analogous in Indus Valley Civilization explaining ''Multi class ''...??????? :0
Vladimir Putin
2 years ago
You could have said that politely Prashant Parmanu, haven't your parents taught that?
Nature of Brahmean parasites - 1. Brahmeans Corrupt the Intellectual Products of his Host People/Original INDIAN-We today must recognize that brahmeans have been not interested in competing with the great ideas and personalities of our intellectual world, but rather that for him those intellectual labours were nothing but a political tool that he could use as a lever of spiritual destruction on the peoples he intended to rule.They have been occupying our original history text by brahmeanizing them in their own favours .For example- they use word 'bhakti andolan' but actually it was the 'anti-brahmean' movement ' , they brahmeanized Saint KABIR saying he was son of brahmin widow ....they occupy and brahmeanize even Buddha,saying him a AVTAR of Vishnu . They are “great masters of lying.” 2. Dislike of Physical Labour -Brahmean has no ethical relationship to labour, as we Original Indian do. For him, labour is one of various possibilities for exploitation. He does not create value, but rather his goal is to heap up money. we hardly ever saw a brahmean among miners, farmers, and earth workers, or other professions that involved heavy labour. 3. The Lack of a Concept of Honour :-The fact that they lack a true concept of honour is shown by the religious laws that often even order deception. Their incest ritual and pedophilic nature in their in their holy patras e.g;- Brahma (their forefather) raped her own daughter Saraswati, Vishnu and Indra are rapist gods and so on . 4.Brahmeans plan riots and massacre to kill BAHUJAN Indians :- They are not rooted in any land, but they proliferate everywhere in India , acting as destructive parasitic bacteria in each host Bahujan people. This destructive power became truly powerful only when deceitful commerce and politics was combined with a religion /culture suited to it. Through control of finance and the press/media , by inciting the workers, by promoting caste conflict, by destroying the rights of property Bahujan owners, by inciting war and conflict between bahujan Indian peoples, by creating fighting situations between religions and castes (Riots like Godhara riots ,babri demolition,mass massacre and rapes of aadiwasis and others ,Jhabua bomb Blast etc.) 5. Brahmeans use moral less cowardice oppression on Bahujan Indian child in schools and Universities :- Brahmean teachers always demoralize bahujan Indian child students using jokes or punishing more for nothing in primary school to college ,Brahmean Professors give less marks to Bahujan Indian students in VIVA and internal assessment in exams . In interviews for jobs and UPSC exams , Brahmean Interviewee give lesser marks to Bahujans and select only Brahmeans first . In Judiciary, Brahmean Judges always favour Brahmeans and oppress Bahujan Indians . #brahmeanparasites
by this he meant what continued after harappa civilisation not during harappa civilisation...
could you plz speak in English?