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Square and Square Root
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In this lesson, we will learn an easy and useful technique to find square and square roots of a number.

N T Vaishakh
PO in Syndicate Bank(2016 AIR 958) and Clerk(2016 Kerala State Rank 29) in Canara Bank in first attempt. Presently SBI PO 2017 with AIR 26.

Unacademy user
sir in this section u will cover all the topics for general studies.....right????
Abhishek Pandey
a year ago
sir plzzz a humble request plzzz make this video again because of sound problem
hello sir..what is method of three digits number of square root? ex-324,121,256
I was trying for 7671 amswer should be bw 81&89 clearly 89 but what this is not a perfect square... So how to determine whether a no is a perfect square or not?
N T Vaishakh
3 years ago
You need practice for that...try going through the square numbers on a daily basis...don't have to memorize...just by looking you should be able to identify them
Could you plz explain us how to find square root of sample no like 5674, becoz it doesn't matches the trick u explained
N T Vaishakh
3 years ago
This is not a perfect square number...the technique is only for perfect square number..I'll be uploading a video soon on finding sqrt of non-square numbers
  1. SQUARE AND SQUARE ROOT TRICKS Presented by: N T Vaishakh

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  3. TRICKS Square a number ending in 5 Square any 2 digit number .To find the square root of any number

  4. TO SQUARE A NUMBER ENDING IN 5 2 45 5 - 25 :56 251-2 -|56 25|- 3 2 115 - 25D 229-9

  5. TO SQUARE A NUMBER ENDING IN 5 Square 5 and assign 25 as the last 2 digits ofyour result Take the next number of the number in the tens place and multiply them Place that result before 25

  6. TO SQUARE ANY 2 DIGIT NUMBER 532 3 13 6210

  7. TO SQUARE ANY 2 DIGIT NUMBER Square the units place Multiply tens, units places and 2 Square tens place dd carry over in each step wherever applicable TIP: Memorize squares of numbers between 1-35

  8. TO FIND SQUARE ROOT OF ANY NUMBER Take one pair from right end of the number Estimate the units place of your result . Next estimate the tens place

  9. TO FIND SQUARE ROOT OF ANY NUMBER 2 1-1 6 36 Go84 92- 81 52-16 56 g 83 18 Activate w GO to PC settir