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Special Recruitment of Aso - Previous Year Maths Question - Part 1 (in Odia)
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This video covers detail analysis of Special Recruitment of Aso - Previous Year Maths Question (in Odia)

Purusottam Mishra
Pioneer of ODISHA JOB ACADEMY -YouTube Channel.Verified Educator in UNACADEMY. Cracked SUPREME COURT JAO , BANK PO , NDA , TCS , Other MNCs

Unacademy user
Sir why u don't upload more videos U promise to complete d syllabus before 10th October Pls upload sir It helps a lot
plz wait.. more videos coming soon
Sangita mishra
a year ago
ok sir waiting for it
sir divisible by 3 ta 3 ru start heba Katha kintu 12 ru kain ki hela sir
Suman Nayak
9 months ago
2 digit kahichi
An. No 13 is doubtful in math section
  1. DO NOT OPEN THIS TEST BOOKLET UNTIL YOU ARE ASKED TO DO SO T. B. C. : AS 2 Serial o 0518 Test Booklet Series TEST BOOKLET SPECIAL RECRUITMENT OF A. S. O MATHEMATICS Time Allowed: 1 Hour Maximum Marks: 100 : INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES: 1. IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE EXAMINATION, YOU SHOULD CHECK THAT THIS TEST BOOKLET DOES NOT HAVE ANY UNPRINTED OR TORN OR MISSING PAGES OR ITEMS ETC. IF SO, GET IT REPLACED BY A COMPLETE TEST BOOKLET OF THE SAME SERIES ISSUED TO YOU ENCODE CLEARLY THE TEST BOOKLET SERIES A, B, C OR D, AS THE CASE MAY BE, IN THE APPROPRIATE PLACES IN THE ANSWER SHEET USING BALL POINT PEN (BLUE OR BLACK) 2. 3. You have to enter your Roll No. on the Test Booklet in the Box provided alongside. DO NOT write anything else on the Test Bookiet. This Test Booklet contains 50 items (questions). Each item (question) comprises four responses (answers). You have to select the correct response (answer) which you want to mark (darken) on the Answer Sheet. In case, you feel that there is more than one correct response (answer), you should mark (darken) the response (answer) which you consider the best. In any case, choose ONLY ONE response (answer) for each item (question) You have to mark (darken) all your responses (answers) ONLY on the separate Answer Sheet provided, by using BALL POINT PEN (BLUE OR BLACK). See instructions in the Answer Sheet 4. 5. 6. All items (questions) carry equal marks. All items (questions) are compulsory. Your total marks will depend only on the number of correct responses (answers) marked by you in the Answer Sheet. There will be no negative marking for wrong answer Before you proceed to mark (darken) in the Answer Sheet the responses to various items (questions) in the Test Booklet, you have to fill in some particulars in the Answer Sheet as per the instructions in your Admission Certificate After you have completed illing in all your responses (answers) on the Answer Sheet and after conclusion of the examination, you should hand over to the Invigilator the Answer Sheet issued to you. You are allowed to take with you the candidate's copy/second page of the Answer Sheet along with the Test Booklet after completion of the examination for your reference 7. 8. DO NOT OPEN THIS TEST BOOKLET UNTIL YOU ARE ASKED TO DO SO

  2. (C) (D) 1. For any two positive integers r and 1800 s, HCF(r, s) LCM(r, s) = (A) rxs (B) rxr-s (C) r+s * s (D) None of the above 5- V3 is: (A) (B) (C) (D) None of the above 1 6. Raj compl tes of his projectin3 2 days. How long would he take to complete the whole project? , (A) 21 days 2. Rational Irrational Rational and irrational both None of the above (B) 7/12 days (C) 7/3 days (D) 18 days 7. If the HCF of 210 and 55 is expressible in the form 210 x 5+ 55y then y (A) 19 (B) 5 (C) 55 (D)-19 3. Letp be a prime number. If p divides m2, where m is a positive integer then: (A) p does not divide m (B) mp is always an even number (C) p divides m (D) None of the above 8.In a school there are two sections Section G and Section H of class X There are 90 students in SectionG and 144 students in section H Determine the minimum number of books required for their class library so that they can be distributed equally among the students of Section G or Section H (A) 18 (B) 720 (C) 90 (D) 144 (A) 3/5 (B) 45 (C) 43 (D) 415 5. The value of 4725-2879 by rounding each number to the nearest hundred IS (A) 1900 (B) 1846 RF-2A/9 Contd

  3. 9. The product of two 2 digit numbers its first term is 10 then the 20th term is 1938. If the product of their unit's digits is 28 and that of ten's digits is 15, then find the numbers (A) 37, 54 (B) 36, 54 (C) 19, 38 (D) 34,57 280% of a number is 560, What is the number? (A) 200 (B) 280 (C) 1568 (D) None of the above (A) 200 (B) 100 (C) 1050 (D) None of the above Whether 301 is a term in the list of 14. (A) (B) Yes Yes if we have total number of terms as 51 No None of the above 10, (C) (D) 15. A quadratic equation ax2+bx+c-o has no real root if (A) b-4ac> 0 (B) b2-4ac 0 (C) b -4ac <0 (D) b2-4ac <o A motor boat whose speed is 18 km/ h in still water take 1 hour more to go 24 km upstream than to return downstream to the same spot. Then the speed of the stream is (A) 8 km/h (B) 24 km/h (C) 23 km/h (D) 6 km/h 11. How many two digit numbers are divisible by 3? (A) 30 (B) 20 (C) 40 (D) None of the above 16. (A) 190 (B) 210 (C) 400 (D) None of the above If the sum of first 14 terms of an Arithmetic Progression is 1050 and 13. RF-2A/9 (Turn over)

  4. MATHS ASO >. lf p diies , then p divides m () 24-1 323 4725-2879=18 ~ 1800 (c) Tt I 12, s1 n !. Cati) 20 (i) ( S 2 23

  5. ?. 4AL. 20 tX 2 ! '