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South East Asia
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The most awaited largest continent of the world is here- Asia. Lets begin it with Indo-china region. The South Eastern Asia is covered in this lesson completely.

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Suraj Kumar Gupta
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Thanks sir for questions.
ports which are important for OBOR and India's countering it Vietnam, Myanmar may be included
very nice course. along with maps it can be followed easily. familiarity with maps increases. nice way of teaching. Thank you.
Did laos just disappear from the map?
ITCZ almost coincides with equator. It is a converging zone for trade winds. The sun moves within the Torrid zone limiting its movement From T.o.Cancer in the north till T.o.Capricorn in the south, The ITCZ apperantly follows the sun's direction of movement. During northward movement of sun i.e summer in Northern hemisphere ITCZ shifts northwards as a result the trade winds which were earlier converging also shifts slightly northwards. once they cross equator due to coriollis force they turn to their right and bring ample showers to India and subcontinent
sir, you are lecture is very nice, magnificent, marvellous, mind blowing and impeccable.

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  3. 1 Lebanon Israel 22 Uzbekistar 23 Kyrgyzstan 24 Tajikistan 25 Afghanistan 26 Pakistan 2T India 28 Sri Lanka N 3 Cyprus 4 Jordan 5 Syria 6 Iraq 7 Kuwait 8 Saudi Arabia 29 Maldives 19 9 Bahrain 30 Nepal 31 Bhutan 32 Bangladesh 33 Myanmar 10 Qatar 11 Yemen 17 18 2 20 39 40 42 12 Oman 13 United Arab 34 Thailand 41 Emirates 35 Cambodia 36 Vietnam 21 23 14 Irarn 15 Azerbaj 37 Laos 16 Armenia 17 Turkey 18 Georgia 19 Russia 20 Kazakhstan 42 Japan 21 Turkmenistan 43 Philippines 24 8 7 14 1013 38 38 China 39 Mongolia 40 North Korea 41 South Korea 26 30 31 12 32 27 33 37 43 34 36 44 Indonesia 45 Malaysia 46 Brunei 47 Singapore 48 East Timor 35 46 45 -47 28 29 L48 mi

  4. INTRO It's impossible to cover the largest continent of the world in a single lesson, hence we will divide it into four regions, namely - 1. South east Asia 2. Eastern Asia 3. Western Asia 4. Central Asia So let's proceed with the SE Asia today

  5. South East Asia . This region enhanced our headache by being in the policies of Gol like "LOOK EAST POLICY" This is the region (remember it consists of 10 participatory countries of ASEAN also) .

  6. hungking Henchow Ryukyu Islands INDI CHINA Japa iwan an Hano FREXCH Hong Kong (Br) CHNA SOUTH PACIFIC Ra Thailand Hue CHINA zPHIL IPPINE OCEAN SEA Manih pHTT TPPINE Hanekok Mi.nill ISILANDS ADAMIAN SEA Bay pi GUL Saig Palawa Mindanan o Caroline Palau Islands ota Bharu Japa uah Lumpur VA (Br) Manad ingapore Halmahera Samatra andiermasin endar i Aint Dosthagen. JAVASEA BANDA SE FLORES SEA OCEAN POrt) Timor ARAFURA SEA Christmus Islnnd TIMOR SEA

  7. CLIMATE OF THIS REGION Mainland SE Asia is affected by south west Monsoon . Island nations have Equatorial climate Tropical cyclones occurs in late summer due to increase in SST and shift in ITCZ

  8. Physiography of Myanmar (BURMA) 5,881 INDIA ESH Kennedy 2,704 Mt. Victoria -23,053 m NAYPYITA THAIL 2

  9. Shan vs Korat SHAN KORAT It's a RAIN SHADOW REGION Shifting cultivation is practiced here Rubber Plantation is widespread Nickel, lead, zinc reserve are there Millets are produced Tin, Tungsten, lead and sulphur reserves are there

  10. THILAND THAILAND Physical Map LAOS Galy 2175m CHINA MYANMAR BANGKOK VIETNAM . : 115 CAMBODIA A n d a man Ko Pud S e a Ko mangan Ko Samu Height (m) Khao Luang 1786 m LEGEND peak country Captat