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Central Asia
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This lesson will give you insights into the largest country of the world i.e. Russia and the Central Asia region as well as a bonus...

Suraj Kumar Gupta is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Suraj Kumar Gupta
Faculty at Allen Career Institute Top Educator 2017 Certified production engineer from RCF Kapurthala & BALCO Korba, winner of competition

Unacademy user
This is really helpful and way of your teaching helps me in remembring places better i.e your story telling about the places .thankyou
Sir thanks a lot for this extremely useful and helpful series. your way of teaching is superb. kindly make similar series on maps for India specific.
Nice Course Sir, Very Helpful.
barents sea is important for fish and hydrocarbons!
Osm course Thanks sir

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  3. SEAS ABOVE RUSSIA Chukchi8 East sea Siberiarn sea Arctic St Laptev Bering Baltic Barents sea sea sea white/d.@ (ka Kara sea sea sea Sea of Okhotsk Black sea aspian sea sea of Japan Elevation of Rssia (Metes)

  4. CREAMIA Mins Samara LAND rsaw BELARUS Voronezh SaratOv Kiev Krak w L'viv U K R AINE Kharkiv LOVAKIA ratisav OLDOVA Volgograd Volgog Atyr (Atyr . Donets'k Budapest INGARY Rostov ROMANIA\*Chisinau Od Belgrade Buchares Sea of Azoy IE MONT Sofia BULGARE GEORGI Caspian bilisi ARMENIA AZERBAI3 Skopje stanbul sea ALB Firana THE Ankara TURKE Y Bursa MACEDOIA Bursa Baku REFUBLIC Yereva GREE zmir Athens Konya Adana Tabriz . AleppKirkuk. Mosu - Aleppo Nicosia SYRIA Tehran erranean Sea5CRUBeirutDaascs Crete CYPRUS LEB BeirutDamascus IRAQ Esfahai

  5. PHYSIOGRAPHIC FEATURES Arc ocean ola Peninsula Novaya Zemlya Koryak range Lake Ladog Taymyr Pen ke One Valdai hills Kolyma, Kamchatka Peninsua Verkhorange Peninsula khora range hoyansk Central Siberian west Siberian Plateau Plain akhalin i sland Baikal Legend

  6. RIVERS OF RUSSIA RUSSIA 400 1200 3400 Pechor basin ob Lena Volga Volgap Sea of Ov Lake Bayka Amur

  7. IRON ORE RESERVES AKCTIC UCEAN Brrring Sea Sea Kara Sea RUS. Sea Belgorod Kursk Magnitogorsk Tomsk Magnitogorsk Voronezh Ors Sea Sea

  8. COAL RESERVES AK CTICUCEAV Brrri Sea East Sea Laptev Barents Sea Kara Sea Sea RUS. Pechora Basin Sea of Okhotsk Novo Kuznetsk Krasnoyarsk Magnitogorsk Chelyabinsk Kemerovo Chernogorskkutsk

  9. NIKEL RESERVES ARCTIC OCEA N Brrring Sea Eat Kara Sea Barents Laptev Kola Peninsula Tymr peninsula RUS. Sea Norlisk Okhotsk Amur region Sea of Japan Caspian ral

  10. PETROLIUM RESERVES 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) West Siberia Urals-Volga Sakhalin Island East Siberia Yamal Peninsula North Caucasus Pechora Basin and Barents sea