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South America (in Hindi)
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The mineral rich, full of biodiversity and great footballers the south america is taken in this lesson.

Suraj Kumar Gupta is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Suraj Kumar Gupta
Top Educator 2017 Certified production engineer from RCF Kapurthala & BALCO Korba, winner of competition by UN, National Youth Parliament

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mam ap mathematics (optional) k liye course bana dijiye na
South America ???? Tropic of Capricorn 1. Chile 2. Argentina 3. Paraguay 4. Brazil ???? Equator 1. Ecuador 2. Colombia 3. Brazil
Nice Aditya
Aditya Modi
2 years ago
Thank u sir U , r helping us a lot
A cordillera is an extensive chain of mountains or mountain ranges. The term is a borrowing from Spanish, in which it has the same meaning. The Spanish word originates from cordilla, a diminutive of "cuerda", or "rope".
An estuary is a partially enclosed coastal body of brackish water with one or more rivers or streams flowing into it, and with a free connection to the open sea. Estuaries form a transition zone between river environments and maritime environments.
@Suraj...please check once Parana and Paraguay river again...i think they are interchanged in slides
Yes sure i will vishwendra. Thanks for watching them with great concentration.
Vishwender Singh
2 years ago
Welcome Bro...i matched them in Oriental Swann Atlas that's why i mentioned...hehehehe
Equator - Ecuador,Colombia and Brazil Tropic of Capricorn - Chile,Argentina,Paraguay and Brazil

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  3. SOUTH AMERICA ANASouth America N South America COLOMBIA FRENCH SURINAME GUIANA ECUADO 10 BRAZ I L PER Atiantic Ocean BOLIVIA 20 CHILE PARAGUAY Pacific Ocean 30% URU GUAY ARGENTINA 40 1000 mi FALKLAND ISLANDS 50 O 500 100O km 1 00" 80 60 40 20P

  4. PHYSIOGRAPHIC FEATURES Eastern region Western High lands Parana Paraguay region

  5. Guiana Highlands A. Mt. Cotopaxi Mt. Chimborazo Amazon river Basin Lake Titikaka Plateau of Borborema L. Poopo Plateau of Mato GrossoBrazilian Highlands

  6. CHARECTERSTIC FEATURES OF THESE Highland/plateau Guiana Highlands lmportance Craton, abundance of rain, tropical rainforest, gold, diamond and iron ore reserve. World's highest fall - Angel's fall on Caroni river Plateau of Mato Grosso Ancient erosional plateau, savannah, cattle raising, gold and diamond reserve Plateau of Borborema Semi-arid, deciduous-thorny scrub Brazilian highlands Lava plateau, Minas Garais region- iron and gold reserve


  8. RIVERS OF SOUTH AMERICA iaracab00 a po Bist a Colorado

  9. Cancas VENEZUEL orpt Atlantic Ocean UYAN COLOMBIA apur CU zon Amazon aho PERU Urugua BRAZIL Pacific Ocean BOLIVIA

  10. PETROLIUM RESERVES IN SOUTH AMERICA OrinOCCo river Lake Maracaibo Jupiter oil field Tupi Oil field