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Solved Problems from 49 to 52 of Gye 2018 Exam
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Solved Problems from 49 to 52 of Gate 2018 Exam

Ankush Saxena is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ankush Saxena
PhD@NPL, CSIR-NET, M.Sc(Physics), Gold Medalist & INSPIRE Scholar. YouTube Channel- Fiziks2physics Ref code - ankush95

Unacademy user
can you please tell me on finding specific heat numerical questions , derivative of tanh must be sec^2h how their is a 1/tanh term.
Ankush Saxena
a year ago
It is by mistake. Your mothod is correct. But don't worry answer is same. U can solve it.
Sibu B
a year ago
  1. Poblemi:-"Too Solid Sphese A X 8 have sam, e emissivity. The Yadius of A is of A as toie the terp of 8. The ato of zate of heat So lutie Rate of Heal Radiaked TR 4 = 16 x 16 256

  2. blem: "The past en fundien of an nsembkata TempTis ) at T- -B T there k8 s Boltzmann Gandant. The eat Capacity of thi XNke, ushere the value of x is s en semble 1s Soluhen : neuen (2Cos So OT so, teat Gpacity 2 -2 e-eete 2 2

  3. Pooblem : An atern in its siyle stake is subjeced to a magncbc frold . me Si splitting of its 650 -The Zeem an SP chal Jae is 0.93mm. The magnitude of he field is Tesla C=3X100 m/s . solution Given 2 - 31 4 mc 3 X1O X 3X10 - 42 650x 65 o x J-6 Xio 37 37X3xio8 0. 000507 x 3x 10 1.51 Tesla. (57

  4. blem The Quantum effects in an ideal as be omes impestant beloco a cert atn cts in an ideal gas beGomes inpena temperahure Ta when de- Bpglie cauelergth Ceei pondirg to the wot mean squa7 Speed be(omes equal to the inter atemic sepasatien- wos such a gas of arem of 7m 455 2x1026 kg.,8 mumbo. density 6-4 " 25 6 ,Ta: ___ 2 3 Alc to queshiem 3 2