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Solved Problems from 45 to 48 of Gate 2018 Exam
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Solved Problem from 45 to 48 of Gate 2018 Exam

Ankush Saxena is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ankush Saxena
PhD@NPL, CSIR-NET, M.Sc(Physics), Gold Medalist & INSPIRE Scholar. YouTube Channel- Fiziks2physics Ref code - ankush95

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  1. Problem:-An EMT r plane oave is psopogating uwith an Enten sth Is 2 of the elechnc field inside te mediu m is Solution : we know mtenaity Now 2 2 8 0 2 2 X 10 2 0.0435 X109 = 43-5X106 E = 6.6 103

  2. ooble A microcanenic esembel Cenuist of 12 afom with each taking eitha megy o stabe es enogy E state Both state ae ven- degener ae the toal enegy of the ensembel is 4e its entmpy urll be akenq ti thes 4 asc Solution: we know nhopy stemn of ka Now d e number of atom 1 s 4- 8 0 6

  3. PolemA oo s.tate quantum system has enegy egen ualues t Cerrap erdlig t Ai time t-0, the Sys tem i n quantum s [w.5+N>]. The Probability that the system will be in the same s ah iet/m Eth Now So So Pooba - O-25 12 12 2

  4. Problem:> An ais Cenditiones maint ains he rom temperaue at 2 hle 27 C 2 e outside temperature is 47%. "The hea Conducted rsough the ual s of the oom fem outzide to inide due to temp diffexen ce is70o. The minimum3 lne coork done by the Cempsesser of the ais Cordihiomes per unil fime is haven T = 27 C's 300k 2 Gj = 7000W Now 300 320 320 300 7000 X 3 2 67 Q2-By = 7466-67-7000 466.67 Watt