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Solved Important Questions: Part 1 (in Malayalam)
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This is a crash course of company board.this lesson include important solved questions

Ashna Shaji is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ashna Shaji
You Tube ,Telegram, Fb page- Gkworld psc Teaching is my passion. More than 4 year's Experience in Psc, SSC and RRB. Online and Offline Tut

Unacademy user
much awaited course thank you sir.
Sory type chethu kazhiyumpozhekkum sent ayatha. Governer's new salary 3. 5 lakh per month. Your classes are very like me
Ashna Shaji
a year ago
The salary of the president has been increased from the current 1. 5 lakh a month to 5 lakh a month. The Vice president's salary will increase to Rs 4 lakh a month from existing Rs 1. 10 lakh a month. The scale of Governer's new salary
vice പ്രസിഡന്റ്‌ പുതുക്കിയ സാലറി 2.5 ലക്ഷ ആണെന് തോന്നുന്നു...
a year ago
4 ലക്ഷം അല്ലേ
a year ago
അതെ വിഷ്ണു 4ലക്ഷം ശരിയാണ്, Governor 3.5 ലക്ഷം...
Stebin V B
a year ago
vice president 4 lakh ...president 5lakh ..governor 3.5 lakh
Stebin V B
a year ago
vice president 4 lakh ...president 5lakh ..governor 3.5 lakh
Explanation koode kittiyal may be kooduthal helpful aavum. for example sharada 2017 ile aanel 2018 aarannu okke
Ashna Shaji
a year ago
oh sure thanks
The scale of Governer's new salery
  1. Company Board Crash Course Ror 9 Days

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  3. The Prime Minister of Britan When India became independent was W. Churchill N. Chamberlain Mac Donald C. Atlee

  4. Which of the following movements truly reflected the spirit of Hindu Muslim unity? Khilafat Movement Quit India movement Civil Disobedience Movement Swadeshi Movement

  5. Who won Prem Nazir Award 2017 Manju Warrior Sharada Madhu Murali Gopi

  6. National Handloom Day August 7 August 6 August 8 August 9

  7. Yudh Abhyas is the joint military training between India and China Russia USA Japan

  8. Who designed the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial at Sabarmati Asram in Ahmedabad. Charles Correa Geoffery Bawa Le Corbusier Edwin Lulyens

  9. For the very first time, the president's rule was imposed in Gujarat A.P Punjab Kerala

  10. The Rajya sabha's life is 6 years 2 years Permanent 5 years

  11. The civil Disobedience Movement was led in the North west Frontier province by Rani Gaidilien Khan Abdul Gaffer khan Shaikh Abdulla Dr. M.A. Ansari

  12. India's First Green Field Smart City Kochi Thiruvanathapuram Gurugram Ranchi