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Solutions and explanation of Questions 16 to 30
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This lesson covers the solutions and explanation of Questions 16 to 30.

Rangarajan Ramakrishnan
IAS 2005 batch (AIR 46), Chartered Accountant and Cost accountant, Teaching Polity at Officers IAS Academy at Chennai.

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Sir --> Tutinama (Persian: طوطی‌نامه‎‎), literal meaning "Tales of a Parrot", is a 14th-century Persian series of 52 stories. An illustrated version containing 250 miniature paintings was commissioned by the Mughal Emperor, Akbar in the later part of the 16th century.
Nandas were the most powerful rulers of magadha? What about Maurya empire (at the time of Chandragupt maurya, Bindusara, Ashoka) ?
q no:28 answer A..someone confirm it
Saguna v
3 years ago option C is correct
  1. UPSC Prelims Mock Test series -1 Answer Key 16-30

  2. 2 Presented by me Rangarajan Associate Director at Officers IAS academy online & offline test series -in line with IAS of 2005 batch-AIR 46th rank Pl visit for both Prelims expectations from Dec 16 - June 17 Follow me at

  3. 3 16.Which of the following statements are true? i) the freedom of speech and expression as fundamental right under art 19(1)(a) is an absolute right ii) the state can impose reasonable restrictions on its exercise on the grounds of sovereignty and integrity of india, security of state, friendly relations with foreign states b) ii only d) neither i nor ii a) i only c) both i and ii Explanation-the freedom of speech and expression as fundamental right under article 19(1)(a) is not an absolute right

  4. 4 17.Which of the following statements are true? i) mtDNA is the DNA located in organelles called mitochondria ii) in humans, Dou A is solely inherited trom mDNA is solely inherited fronm mother a) i only b) ii only C d) neither i nor i.

  5. 5 18.Rock painting was a distinctive feature of which of the following periods? a) Neolithic b) Mesolithic c) Chalcolithic d) Harappan era C Explanation-Mesolithic is intermediate period or Middle Stone age between paleolithic and neolithic periods

  6. 19.Which of the following statements are true? Haryanka dynasty was succeeded by the dynasty of Shishunagas, who temporarily shifted the capital to Vaishali ii) The Shish unagas were succeeded by the Nandas, who proved to be the most powerful rulers of Magadha as who proved to be the most powerfui a) i only c) Both i and ii b) l only d) Neither i nor ii

  7. 7 20.The book Tuti nama was written in the time of b) Muhammad Tughlaq c) Babur d) Ibrahim adil shah Explanation-The book Tuti nama (book of the parrot) proved very popular and was translated from Persian into Turkish and into many European languages

  8. 8 21.Who among the following introduced the permanent settlement system? a) Lord Dalhousie b) Lord lytton c) Lord Cornwallis d) Lord Wellesley Explanation : Introduced in 1793, it was an agreement between British East India Company and landlords of Bengal to settle the land revenue

  9. 9 21.VWhich of the following statements are incorrect? i) The parliament may in exercise of its constituent power, amend by way of addition, variation or repeal any provision of the constitution in accordance with the procedure ii) An amendment of the constitution can be initiated only by the introduction of a bill for the purpose in either house of parliament and not in the state legislatures b) ii only d) Neither i nor i a) i only c) Both i and ii

  10. 10 22.The Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana is associated with developing a) Schools in villages b) Irrigation facilities in villages c) Hospitals in villages d) Road facilities in villages Explanation-The primary objectives of PMKSY are to attract investments in irrigation system at field level, develop and expand cultivable land in the country, enhance ranch water use in order to minimize wastage of water, enhance crop per drop by implementing water-saving technologies and precision irrigation

  11. 14 26, Global competitiveness Report is a yearly report published by the a) World Bank b) World Economic Forum c) International Monetary Fund d) OECD Explanation-The Global Competitiveness Index measures the set of institutions, policies, and factors that set the sustainable current and medium-term levels of economic prosperity.

  12. 17 29 Global hunger index combines which of the following indicator components into one index number? Undernourishment ii) Child wasting iii) Child stunting iv) Child mortality a) i and ii b) iii and iv d) ii,iii and iv c) i,ii,iii and iv Explanation-Calculated annually by International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), the GHl highlights successes and failures in hunger reduction and provides insights into the drivers of hunger.

  13. 18 30 National tribal advisory council will be chaired by a) President b) Prime minister c) Tribal Affairs Minister d) Cabinet secretary Explanation-Government has decided to set up a National Tribal Advisory Council for effecting monitoring and implementation of various tribal welfare schemes. The council will be chaired by the Prime Minister and will meet once or twice in a year