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1 - 50: Mock Test Questions for UPSC CSE Prelims - 2017
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This lesson covers all the 50 questions in the mock test. You can solve these questions before watching the lessons with solutions.

Rangarajan Ramakrishnan
IAS 2005 batch (AIR 46), Chartered Accountant and Cost accountant, Teaching Polity at Officers IAS Academy at Chennai.

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sir , how will i get entire test as hard copy
Please check Q. 38. Acc to revised target National Solar Mission aims to achieve 60Giga Watt through Grid connected network and 40 Gw through roof top. Therfore ans should be D instead of A
Thank sir it is very helpful for me
Sir it is of great help.BUT if u please pause and give some time to answer the questions it would be really helpful.Thank u sir.
It will be very helpful if u can give the answer options for these questions in last slide..
  1. UPSC Prelims Mock Test series -1 Questions 1 - 50

  2. 2 Presented by me Rangarajan Associate Director at Officers IAS academy online & offline test series -in line with IAS of 2005 batch-AIR 46th rank Pl visit for both Prelims expectations from Dec 16 - June 17 Follow me at

  3. 3 1. I he growth rate of per capita income at current prices in higher than that of per capita income at constant prices, because the latter takes into account the rate of a) growth of population b) increase in price level c) growth of money supply d) increase in the wage rate

  4. 4 12. Jal gram scheme is one of the components of a) MNREGA b) Jal Kranti Abhiyan c) Rashtriya Grameen Kranti Abhiyan d) both a and b

  5. 5 3. Which of the following statements are true? i) all sensor systems that warn off earthquakes are based on detection of P and S waves generated during an earthquake ii) the P wave is harmful and travels faster than S waves is detected by the sensors for advance warning a) i only b) ii only c) both i and ii d) neither i nor ii

  6. 4 Sources of Mercury pollution include burning coal for power and heat ii) batteries, thermometers and iii) electric switches and relays in a) i only barometers equipment b) ii only d) i,ii and iii C) 111 only c) iii only

  7. 7 5. Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan aims to a) inculcate spirit of inquiry, creativity and love of motherhood inculcate values and principles from the history of india c) inculcate spirit of inquiry, creativity and love for science and mathematics d) reward the spirited youth and good Samaritans

  8. 8 6 Which of the following statements are true? i) Akash surface to air missile system and can employ multiple air targets while operating in fully autonomous mode ii) The Akash system can be launched from static and mobile platforms a) i only b) ii only c) both i and ii d) neither i nor i.

  9. 9 7.GAGAN system was developed by i) ISRO 11 ii) DRDO iii) BARC iv) AAI a) i and ii b only d) i only C) I and IV

  10. 10 8 Which of the following statements are true regarding polar bears? i) They are the largest land herbivores in the world i) They sit at the top of the food chain in the biologically rich arctic a) i only b) ii only c) both i and 11 d) neither i nor i.

  11. 9 Which of the following statements are true? DNA in an individual's chromosomes controls an array of visible as well as invisible characteristics ii) The DNA is the same in all of the cells in the body of an individual a) i only b) ii only c) both i and ii d) neither i nor ii

  12. 12 10.Which of the following statements are true? i) India is endowed with largest reserve of titanium bearing minerals ii) Titanium is required in aerospace and defence equipments for its high susceptibility a) i only b) ii only c) both i and ii d) neither i nor i.

  13. 14 12.The chemicals used for cloud seeding include n) silver iodide ii) potassium iodide iii) solid carbondioxide iv) liquid propane a) i and ii c) i,ii,iii,iv b) ii and il d )None

  14. 17 15.The elements of Indradhanush plan for PSBs include 1)Board of Bureau a 1)Board of Bureau ii) De-stressing and empowerment iii) Capitalisation a) i only C) 111 only b) ii only d) i,ii and ii

  15. 19 17.Which of the following statements are true? i) mtDNA is the DNA located in organelles called mitochondria ii) in humans, Dou A is solely inherited trom mDNA is solely inherited fronm mother a) i only b) ii only c) both i and 11 d) neither i nor i.

  16. 20 18.Rock painting was a distinctive feature of which of the following periods? a) Neolithic b) Mesolithic C c) Chalcolithic d) Harappan era

  17. 21 19.Which of the following statements are true? Haryanka dynasty was succeeded by the dynasty of Shishunagas, who temporarily shifted the capital to Vaishali ii) The Shish unagas were succeeded by the Nandas, who proved to be the most powerful rulers of Magadha as who proved to be the most powerfui a) i only b) l only d) Neither i nor ii c) Both i and ii

  18. 20.The book Tuti nama was written in the time of a) Akbar b) Muhammad Tughlaq c) Babur d) Ibrahim adil shah

  19. 25 22.The Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana is associated with developing a) Schools in villages b) Irrigation facilities in villages c) Hospitals in villages d) Road facilities in villages

  20. 27 24.What is NISAR mission? a) Mission of SAARC countries b) Mission to reach Neptune c) Mission of ISRO and NASA d) National investigative statistics on academic research

  21. 29 26, Global competitiveness Report is a yearly report published by the a) World Bank b) World Economic Forum c) International Monetary Fund d) OECD

  22. 30 27.Which of the following countries are nuclear weapon states as recognised by NPT? i) China ii) Israel iii) India iv) Pakistan v) North korea a) i only c) i,iii,iv b) i,jii, v d) i and ii C) I,III,IV

  23. 31 28. Match list l (sea) with list II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists: List! A. Black Sea B. Red Sea list Il 1. Bulgaria 2. China 3. Eritrea 4. Kazakhstan C. Yellow Sea D. Caspian Sea AB C D a) 1 4 b)2 3 14 c) 1 3 d) 2 4 13

  24. 32 29 Global hunger index combines which of the following indicator components into one index number? i) Undernourishment ii) Child wasting iii) Child stunting iv) Child mortality a) 1 and 11 c) i,ii,iii and iv b) ill and iv d) ii,iii and iv

  25. 35 32 Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana aims at a) providing primary healthcare facilities b) correcting the imbalances in the availability of affordable healthcare facilities c) providing insurance to the BPL households for affordable healthcare among different states d) providing affordable health care for women

  26. 37 34. Which of the following statements are true with respect to Monetary of the ollowing statements are tr Policy Committee set up under the RBl Act i) The committee will comprise of 6 members-3 from RBI including RBI Governor and 3 persons nominated by Government of India ii) The committee will set the consumer inflation target to be achieved. iii) The committee will set benchmark interest rate like Repo, Reverse Repo by a majority vote with the Governor of RBI having a casting vote in case of tie. a) i & iii only c) b) ii & iii only d) i, ii & ii i and ii only

  27. 40 37. Carbon sequestration is a a) Carbon-di-oxide is captured from the atmosphere for long term storage to slow down accumulation of Greenhouse gases process by which b) Carbob-di-oxide is released artificially in higher altitudes to warm up the b) Carbob-di-oxide is re atmosphere c) carbon-monoxide is captured to reduce its impact on the atmosphere d) None of the above

  28. 41 38, Which of the following statements with respect to National Solar Mission is true i) It targets to achieve Grid connected Solar power of 100 GW by 2022 ii) The Ministry of power is the Nodal agency for implementation of the Mission a) i only b) ii only c) Both i & ii d) Neither i nor ii

  29. 42 39.Which of the following are near threatened species according to International Union for Conservation of Nature? Northern lapwing ii) Steppe eagle III) Horned grebe a) i and ii. c) ii only b) i only d) i,ii and iii

  30. 47 44.The famous festival Maha masta kabisheka was related to which of the following lord? a) Lord Shiva c) Buddha b) Bahubali d) Rishabadeva.

  31. 49 46. Panchajana in Rig Veda refers to which of the following? a) Temple Architecture b) Four Vedas along with Sudras. c) Five Aryan tribes d) Five heads of village court.

  32. 50 47.Which of the following dramas were written by Harsha? i) Ratnavali ii) Priyadarshika iii) Harshacharita a) I & III on! C b) Il & Il only d) 1 & Il only

  33. 52 49. Which of the following pairs are correctly matched? a) Project Tiger-1972 b) Indian forest act-1927 c) Project Elephant-1982 d) Wildlife protection act-1984