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Solution of GATE 2019 Question Paper - 14 (in Hindi)
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Question based on Drag force and I centre

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  1. Solution of GATE 2019 Q.P. Part-14 Presented by Deep sangeet Maity

  2. About ME Working as a Design engineer at "Cameron Manufacturing India Pvt Limited (A Schlumberger Company)". . Currently working as "GATE content editor and developer" at "Kreatryx" .Qualified GATE "3" times Qualified "Gate 2018 with 99.4 percentile 779(75.26 marks) gate score" in mechanical stream Qualified "Gate 2017 with 98.83 percentile 726(70 marks) gate score" in mechanical stream I also have an 3+ years of experience of teaching Engineering subjects like Engineering mechanies, Thermodynamies, SOM, HMIT Ex-CADD Engineer at "CADD CENTRE". Passed B.E. with honours with 76.71%. I am pursuing my MTech in Thermal I have an 2.5+ years of experience as a CADD Engineer. . Ialso have worked for "CAD ACADEMY" as a Design engineer for 1 year.

  3. The aerodynamic drag on a sports car depends on its shape. The car has a drag coefficient of 0.1 with the windows and the roof closed. With the windows and the roof open, the drag coefficient becomes 0.8. The car travels at 44 km h with the windows and roof closed. For the same amount of power needed to overcome the aerodynamic drag. the speed of the car with the windows and roof open (round off to two decimal places). iskm/h (The density of air and the frontal area may be assumed to be constant).

  4. 2 P- PA CDU 2 p, 2. -) U23-10648

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  6. A rigid triangular body. PQR. with sides of equal length of 1 un moves on a flat plane. At the instant shown. edge QR is parallel to the x-axis, and the body moves such that velocities of points P and R are p and VR.n the x and y directions. respectively. The magnitude of the angular velocity of the body is VR 1. 2VP 3. VplV3