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Solution of GATE 2019 Question Paper - 11 (in Hindi)
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Question Based on Conduction Heat Transfer and Convection Heaf Transfer

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Deep Sangeet Maity
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kisiko kusumlata srivastav maam ki papr 5 n 6 ki recordings chahiye to reply kre
Amit kumar
7 months ago
  1. Solution of GATE 2019 Q.P. of ME (Memory Based) Part-11 Presented by Deep sangeet Maity

  2. About ME Working as a Design engineer at "Cameron Manufacturing India Pvt Limited (A Schlumberger Company)". . Currently working as "GATE content editor and developer" at "Kreatryx" .Qualified GATE "3" times Qualified "Gate 2018 with 99.4 percentile 779(75.26 marks) gate score" in mechanical stream Qualified "Gate 2017 with 98.83 percentile 726(70 marks) gate score" in mechanical stream I also have an 3+ years of experience of teaching Engineering subjects like Engineering mechanies, Thermodynamies, SOM, HMIT Ex-CADD Engineer at "CADD CENTRE". Passed B.E. with honours with 76.71%. I am pursuing my MTech in Thermal I have an 2.5+ years of experience as a CADD Engineer. . Ialso have worked for "CAD ACADEMY" as a Design engineer for 1 year.

  3. Three slabs are joined together as shown in the figure. There is no thermal contact resistance at the interfaces. The center slab experiences a non-uniform internal heat generation with an average value equal to 10000 Wm3, while the left and right slabs have no internal heat generation. All slabs have thickness equal to 1 m and thermal conductivity of each slab is equal to 5 WmK1. The two extreme faces are exposed to fluid with heat transfer coefficient 100 WmK and bulk temperature 30 C as shown. The heat transfer in the slabs is assumed to be one dimensional and steady, and all properties are constant. If the left extreme face temperature T is measured to be 100 C, the right extreme face temperature T2 oC. 1S Left extreme face T1 = 100 C T2 1 m 1 m 1 m 100W/ .K 100W/ .K 30 C 30 C

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  5. For a hydrodynamically and thermally fully developed laminar flow through a circular pipe of constant cross-section, the Nusselt number at constant wall he flux (Nu,) and that at constant wall temperature(Nu) are related as 2. NuNur 9 9

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