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Solid Waste and Its Sources
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Definition of solid waste,its formation,causes of accumulation and sources for its formation.

Sruthi Srinivas
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  2. INCLUDES . What is solid waste? . How it is formed? o What are the causes of increase in solid waste? . What are the sources of solid waste?

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  4. DEFINITION . Solid waste also known as municipal solid waste(MSW) and commonly known as trash /garbage/refuse/rubbish It is usually a waste type consisting of everyday items that are discarded by the public. can also refer specifically to foo rbage" d waste. The traditional role of municipalities in collecting and managing these kind of waste have produced the particular etymology 'municipal

  5. FORMATION OF SOLID WASTE It is created either in two ways, they are: If a material is discarded if it is abandoned. If a material is disposed

  6. If Material is discarded if it is abandoned It happens when the material is e disposed of, e burp d or incinerated, including being burned as a fuel for the purpose of recovering usable energy accumulated, stored or physically, chemically or biologically treated (other than burned or incinerated) or before being disposed of.

  7. A material is disposed If it is: Discharged, deposited, injected, dumped, spilled, leaked or placed into or on any land or water so that such material or any constituent may enter the environment or emitted into the air or discharged into groundwater

  8. CAUSES OF INCREASE IN SOLID WASTE Population growth Increase in industrials manufacturing . Urbanization . Modernization

  9. SOURCES OF SOLID WASTE Residential . Industrial Commercial o Institutional . Construction and demolition Municipal services Process (manufacturing, etc.) Agriculture

  10. Residential waste generators Single and multifamily dwellings Waste: Food wastes, paper, cardboard, plastics, textiles, leather, yard wastes, wood, glass, metals, ashes, special wastes (e.g., bulky items, consumer electronics, white goods, batteries, oil, tires), and household hazardous wastes.

  11. Commercial Waste generators Stores, hotels, restaurants, markets, office buildings, etc Waste: Paper, cardboard, plastics, wood, food wastes, glass, metals, hazardous wastes

  12. Construction and demolition waste generators :New construction sites, road repair, renovation sites, demolition of buildings Waste: Wood, steel, concrete, dirt, etc.

  13. Agriculture generators: Crops, orchards, vineyards, dairies, feedlots farms. Waste Spoiled food wastes, agricultural wastes, hazardous wastes (e.g., pesticides).

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