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Soils of India (in Malayalam)
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Malayalam - Indian Soil- Alluvial Soil

S Vijay Jagadeesh
YouTube-Victor Growth IAS | UPSC CSE Interview TWiCE |Current Affairs,Geography,History,Polity,Economics,IR.

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sir in ques 3 jo answer aya haa 20 km ye total distance ha ya distance travelled by train . or jo hm distance ka formula lgaa rha ha wo total distance ke liya ha ya only one side ke liya ?
Abhishek Pandey
a year ago
one side ka
very nice presentation and teaching. waiting for more lessons from you Sir.
  1. About Me . B.Tech in Petro Chemical from Anna University appeared Two times in Civil Service Interview Specialist in Geo , Polity, History & Economic ' Cleared 5 Prelims and Two Mains and IAS Mentor since 2010 Survey S VIJAY JAGADEESH

  2. Rules of My Videos Its not movie, u watch and go. Sit like you in classroom with note books Take notes as I give more information than what is in the slides . Comment your doubts , I will clarify as early as possible S VIJAY JAGADEESH

  3. Indian Geography Indian Soil VICE KERAL Presented By S Vijay Jagadeesh S VIJAY JAGADEESH

  4. What is a Soil ? Uncosolidated, loose material found on the surface of Earth. It has humus and other organic material Formed by weathering of rocks It is home of biological factory S VIJAY JAGADEESH 4

  5. Soil Formation Climate Parent Rock Topography Time Biological activity S VIJAY JAGADEESH

  6. Indian Soil Types 1. Alluvial 2. Laterite 3. Black soil 4. Red and Yellow 5. Arid Soil S VIUAY JAGADEESH

  7. Alluvial Soil Found in Northern Plains . Gift of Himalaya .Deposited by Himalayan Rivers Ganga and its tributaries Largest Type of Soil in India-40% of all soil Most Fertile Soil . .Divided into 4 types - Babar, Terai, Bhangar & Khadar S VIJAY JAGADEESH

  8. Types of Alluvial Babar - Found in the Foothills of Himalaya Deposit of Big Boulders - No Surface Water -No vegetation Terai - South of Babar , Marshy Watery , Luxuriant Vegetation, Paddy Cultivation S VIJAY JAGADEESH

  9. Types of Alluvial Bhangar - Old , Dark, Less Fertile , Largest in Alluvial Khadar - New , Light Colour , High Fertile , year by Floods Enriched Every Kankar - Calcarious Deposit below the surface S VIJAY JAGADEESH

  10. Characteristics of Alluvial Soil They are new soil, recently rormea Most of the soil is Sandy and clayey soils Pebbly and gravelly soils are rare. ' The soil is porous because of its loamy nature. .Good drainage and other conditions favorable for agriculture. The proportion of nitrogen is generally low. The proportion of Potash, phosphoric acid and alkalies are adequate The proportion of Iron oxide and lime vary within a wide range. . S VIJAY JAGADEESH 10