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Indian Monsoon (in Malayalam)
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Malayalam - Indian Monsoon for Kerala Psc

S Vijay Jagadeesh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

S Vijay Jagadeesh
YouTube-Victor Growth IAS | UPSC CSE Interview TWiCE |Current Affairs,Geography,History,Polity,Economics,IR.

Unacademy user
I am just about to complete this course. Thanks for d wonderful course it have increased my confidence.
sir if u used sketches it would be very effective for us.
sir if u used sketches it would be very effective for us.
sir if u used sketches it would be very effective for us.
  1. About Me . B.Tech in Petro Chemical from Anna University appeared Two times in Civil Service Interview Specialist in Geo , Polity, History & Economic ' Cleared 5 Prelims and Two Mains and IAS Mentor since 2010 Survey S VIJAY JAGADEESH

  2. Rules of My Videos Its not movie, u watch and go. Sit like you in classroom with note books Take notes as I give more information than what is in the slides . Comment your doubts , I will clarify as early as possible S VIJAY JAGADEESH

  3. Indian Geography Indian Climate - Monsoon VICE KERAL Presented By S Vijay Jagadeesh S VIJAY JAGADEESH

  4. What is a Climate? It is a aggregate of weather over a long period of Time. It is more static Eg. Monsoon, Desert, Savanna S VIJAY JAGADEESH 4

  5. Indian Climate Monsoon is Indian Climate . It does not mean Rainfall It means seasonal reversal of Wind North Australia , Thailand, China also have Monsoon Climate S VIJAY JAGADEESH

  6. Why Monsoon Wind arrive in India? 1. El Nino 2. Jetstream 3. Tibetian Plateau 4. ITCZ S VIUAY JAGADEESH

  7. Types of Indian Monsoon . South West Monsoon -Max Rainfall Cover Large Area Summer Rainfall . North East Monsoon - Only for Coramandal Coast - Tamilnadu Winter Rainfall S VIJAY JAGADEESH 7

  8. Vegetation of India Monsoon Forest - Deciduous Sal - Teak Sandal wood S VIJAY JAGADEESH

  9. Characteristics of Indian Monsoon . Highly Unprectiable . Highly Variable -Every Year it changes Regional Variability Flood and Drought Soil Erosion S VIJAY JAGADEESH

  10. .Revise... Thank You S VIJAY JAGADEESH 10