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Soil Part 3
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Chetan Gaurav
UPSC IES | UPSC CSE | GATE QUALIFIED 2016 | Public speaker | YouTuber | Teaching GS | Debator | Loves cooking | Photography

Unacademy user
hello and good your video
sir contour farming and terrace farming r same or not
Sir pls explain this to me.. If laterite soil is less fertile then why it is found in some of the densely forested areas of india?
Chetan Gaurav
9 months ago
Dear I have explained the same in here also and in clmate chapter also. So pls finish off the climate chapter u will automatically get the answer
Ranabir datta
9 months ago
Sir i have watched the climate chapter regarding this... U have taught that it receives high precipitation throughout the year.. Yes that may be the reason but still if the soil is infertile can rainfall fill the void? If because of rainfall it results in such dense vegetation how can we still say the soil is infertile? Pls explain sir
Please reply sir.. Or anyone please explain my query on behalf of sir
What is actual difference in between contour n terrace farming??
respected sir i am preparing a note book from ur slides. as i m preparing upsc geography just from ur classes . so if u take scan in proper manner , it would help us. who are dependent in ur videos only. thanking you
Chetan Gaurav
2 years ago
Hi Dhimal , Thankyou for trusting 😊 & apologies for any inconvenience caused to you due to scanning of images. I have tried my best to scan the images. Since the facility of uploading the pdf is not available on iphone till now in unacademy educators app otherwise quality would have improved better with more resolution. Still noting down your suggestion for future references 😊 Happy learning 😊
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