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Smart Study for Phase 2 : Books and Resources to follow- RBI Grade B Exam 2018
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Kapil Kathpal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Kapil Kathpal
General Awareness Expert & Top Educator| 8 years Banking Experience|Chartered Financial Analyst/M.Com |Cracked SBI PO/IBPS PO/UPSC CSE Mains

Unacademy user
very good videp
2 months ago
Thanks ji
Hi Sir, what should be my approach to gain more than 50+ marks in General Awareness phase 1
What are 3 books of jaiib and caiiib,that you are talking about..? Please provide names. Sir I have one more doubt if followed your lecture series then how to revise it before exam?plz suggest
Truly an awesome initiation sir.,it's of immense help for aspirants like us who are preparing without coaching,generating curious interest to learn through your sessions and booklist..,which you made very easy in learning:-)Billions of thanks to you sir:-)Billions of thanks to unacademy:-)God bless you all :-) Wish you all series of success ahead:-)
Sir how many months current affairs should be studied for RBI Grade B 2018 exam ? because from one of lecturer on Youtube I heard that current affairs from July 2017 is required to study for RBI Grade B 2018 Phase 1 . eagerly awaiting for positive response.
Kapil Kathpal
a year ago
Acc to me you should more focus from January and if time left than go for previous months :)
Gaurav Verulkar
a year ago
Thank you so much sir for reply.
Sir can u plz make video on book wise imp chapter list.
  1. unacademy Everything about RBI Grade B 2018 Kapil Kathpal

  2. te bef belll Credit & Risk Analyst (S. . Post) in a Public Sector Bank. & 7 years Banking experience. Selected as SBI PO and also cracked IBPS PO. Appeared in UPSC Civil Services Mains (2017) Chartered Financial Analyst (C.F.A.) Diploma in Treasury, Investment & Risk Management. Academics: >Masters in Commerce (Accounting & Business Statistics). JAlIB & CAlIB. Follow me on Unacademy: https: // RATE, REVIEW & RECOMMEND" VERIFIED

  3. unacademy RBI Grade B 2018 Smart Study Approach After Phase-l Kapil Kathpal

  4. Now Phase 1 is over on 16th August Phase 2 is on 7th September

  5. From where to Prepare? Current & Economic Issues Banking Awareness . Current Affairs. Budget & Economic Survey. Reports & Schemes RBI Circulars & FAQs.

  6. SYLLABI (Phase-ll) Paper-l - Economic and social Issues: Growth and Development Measurement of growth: National Income and per capita income - Poverty Alleviation and Employment Generation in India - Sustainable Development and Environmental issues. Economic Reforms in India Industrial and Labour Policy Monetary and Fiscal Policy - Privatization Role of Economic Planning. Globalization Opening up of the Indian Economy - Balance of Payments, Export-Import Policy Intenational Economic Institutions IMF and World Bank WTO - Regional Economic Co-operation. Social Structure in India - Multiculturalism Demographic Trends - Urbanization and Migration Gender Issues - Social Justice Positive Discrimination in favor of the under privileged - Social Movements - Indian Political System Human Development Social Sectors in India, Health and Education. Planning. Globali - and

  7. Paper-ll -English (Writing Skills): The paper on English shall be framed in a manner to assess the writing skills including expression and understanding of the topic. Paper-lll -Finance and Management: () Finance (a) Financial System 1. 2. Regulators of Banks and Financial Institutions Reserve Bank of India- functions and conduct of monetary policy, Banking System in India, Financial Institutions-SIDBI, EXIM, NABARD, NHB, etc. (b) Financial Markets Primary and Secondary Markets (Forex, Money, Bond, Equity,etc.), functions, instruments, recent developments

  8. (c) General Topics 1. Risk Management in Banking Sector 2. Basics of Derivatives: Forward, Futures and Swap 3. Changing Landscape of Banking sector 4. Recent Developments in the Financial Sector, Portfolio Investment, Public Sector Reforms, Disinvestments 5. Financial Inclusion- use of technology 6. Alternate source of finance, private and social cost-benefit, Public-Private Partnership 7. Corporate Governance in Banking Sector, role of e-governance in addressing the issues of corruption and inefficiency in the government sector. 8. The Union Budget Direct and Indirect taxes; Non-tax sources of Revenue, GST, Thirteenth Finance Commission and GST, Finance Commission, Fiscal Policy, Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act (FRBM), 9. Inflation: Definition, trends, estimates, consequences, and remedies (control): WPI, CPI - components and trends.

  9. () Magement: Management: its nature and scope The Management Processes; Planning, Organisation, Staffing, Directing and Controlling, The Role of a Manager in an Organisation. Leadership: The Tasks of a Leader; Leadership Styles; Leadership Theories; A successful Leader versus an effective Leader. Human Resource Development: Concept of HRD; Goals of HRD; Performance Appraisal Potential appraisal and development - Feedback and Performance Counselling - Career Planning Training and Development Rewards - Employee Welfare. Motivation, Morale and Incentives: Theories of Motivation; How Managers Motivate; Concept of Morale; Factors determining morale; Role of Incentives in Building up Morale. Communication: Steps in the Communication Process Communication Channels; Oral versus Written Communication; Verb versus non-verbal Communication; upward, downward and lateral communication; Barriers to Communication, Role of Information Technology Corporate Governance: Factors affecting Corporate Governance; Mechanisms of Corporate Govemance

  10. Books for Phase Il No one Book is sufficient Two approaches: Long Term and Short Term